What a day! Enough said.

My day started with dropping Remi off at the groomers. I was a bit scared, as though he can’t see and can barely hear. This was his 1st appointment with no eye site. I went back a few hours later and Remi was doing great. It was done and ready to go go go! I hate to admit this, but I think I might have let his hair and nails get a bit too long. I picked him up and he looked, smelled and acted better than ever! He still couldn’t see very well, but hasn’t bumped into as many things as norm. I’m a bad Mom. Maybe that is why I don’t have a kid yet.. HMMM?!?!?

Work was work.

Then at 5 on the dot I hit the gym for what I thought was going to be an easy breezy 3.1 mile run before art class tonight. Holy Cow. I always knew that when you didn’t run you lost it, but I never thought I would have lost it this much this quick! I BARELY made it through 1.75! It was a rough run to say the least!

On the Agenda in the upcoming weeks… MORE RUNNING!

With that my friends.. Goodnight!