So what do you do at school? I bake cakes… and it’s a color and design class. We had to pick a phobia that we wanted to create someway, somehow.. pretty much no boundaries. Could have been almost anything. I saw this rainbow cake in the blogosphere a while back but didn’t really have a reason to make it. (Baking a cake in my house without a reason is just not good. Been there, done that.. and I’ll never to it again!) So. I mention to my teacher, can I bake a cake? You rarely get a no from this guy! I was really excited! I get to bake a cake and get a possible A! PS – Who knew there were so many phobias?!?

It started like this…

2 boxes white cake mix, 6 bowls, 6 spoons and 1 cup

I then divided up the cake mix and placed quite a bit of gel food coloring (gel works for the best for this kind of stuff).


Bake. I cheated and bought 8-inch round tins. All the recipes say 9-inch. Go with the 9-inch if you can. My cake ended up a bit tall!


I then dry iced it and put it in the fridge until I needed it. Dry icing is just putting a thin layer of icing all over the cake. That way when you go to really ice it, cake crumbles don’t get in the icing!

I’m not to scared of Color.. but that is the phobia I chose!

What do you find at the end of a rainbow? Look closely!

A pot of gold.. right?!?!

My teacher loved it.. hoping for an A!

With all this cake baking I figured why not make one for our IT guy Sam too!

Inside of Sam’s Cake!

Sam’s Piece! (Just in case you couldn’t figure it out… LOL)

With all this cake eating I decided I needed something to work towards, so finally signed up for a run! It isn’t till November, BUT… it’s a run right over the NEWPORT BRIDGE! So excited.

Citizens Bank Newport Pell Bridge Run logo

There are so many friends running.. I just could pass this up! And to think I’ll running over this…

I won’t be underneath in a boat, or top in a car… but running!

Excited to detox from sugar today! Edge Flex is planned for tonight and a softball meeting! THINKING about joining a summer league…

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Cheers for Springtime:)