I miss the beach!

Day 3 – Finally made it to a ‘knitting’ class… yet we didn’t knit! Go figure. We made these really cool scarfs using wool roving. Roving is what yarn is spun from.

First, you take the roving, needles, special paper and punch mat.

Then you get punching… and making lots and lots of rings.

You then soak the paper and roving… roll it up and stuff it into a sock. Place it in the dryer for 10 minute increments until it shrinks by 30% or so.

Then pour boiling water over the entire piece. The boiling water ‘melts’ the paper.. it’s the coolest thing ever!

There was some wired puppy coffee consumed.

And an easter egg hunt all around the town.

Nick and I found ALL 15 eggs! Go US!

Someone knit this lace shawl… how fun!

Remi had lots of photo shoots!

I buy Remi tons of beds, yet his 1st choice for sleeping arrangements in a bunch of clothes… go figure!

We even found a lucky penny!

And Remi LOVED being carried in his fundle!

So that is days 3 and 4!

Yesterday was a wash! Although I learned a bunch in my all day Photoshop Workshop!

AND I finished my family tree at school last night!

I realize this isn’t the best photo.. and this may be hard to figure out. BUT… it’s kind of cool. We had to construct a family tree or something resembling our families. In the middle is a beta fish representing life, then there are 5 pillars surrounding the fish filled with objects that are significant to each person! All sunken into a piece wood! I also placed tea lights in between the pillars, but soon found out that peace lilies don’t like heat.. Woops!

Lots on the plate tonight.. including a date (Ya.. totally came out of left field!!) and baking a cake (for a class project).. sadly my workout will have to wait for tomorrow starting with a 5:45am spin class! Ouch!

Happy Tuesday!