Hola. How goes it? Day 2 of my knitting weekend and I have yet to pick up needles. LOL. Love it! Today was a great day full of beach time, shopping, eating and napping:)

Remi met a new friend today at breakfast. Meet Gracie. She is the newest member of the Gabriel Family. Every year we stay at the same small inn, so we have become quite friendly with the owners.

Yummy B-Fast!

After breakfast we headed to the Atlantic Spice Company. This place is great.. you can get 1 pound of cinnamon for $4 bucks. Sign me up. I was also able to find some hard to find spices. I’ve seen quite a few recipes calling for some indian masalas I could never find at home.

I’m really excited to start cooking some more once I return home.

It was finally BEACH TIME:) Remi had a blast at the beach. It was really cold, but that didn’t stop him. I think his sense of smell has been developing even more since his blindness. Needless to say, sniffing consistently at the beach ended Remi with a very sandy nose!

Picture Perfect.

Enjoying the wind.

Hanging with Mom.

In love with the Beach.

After a very long nap, some shopping, and another bubble bath… (this time with wild ginger sea salts and a Oprah Magazine)..

…it was time for dinner.

Dinner. No words needed.

On the walk home, we got to enjoy the beautiful sight of the P-town tower lit up. What a beauty!

Time to chill in front of the fireplace.. Remi really loves it here.. perhaps we won’t come back!

No outdoor running today.. however there was quite a long jog on the beach! Knitting class officially starts tomorrow. Let’s see if I remember how to knit!

Goodnight all:)