I find it extremely hard to travel and eat healthy. Sometimes you are just forced into different situations and there is nothing to do about it. I packed up my ‘healthy’ food last night and THOUGHT I was good to go.

Honey Dew Melon, grapes and blueberries cut up and ready to go.

Honey Dew VS Grapefruit (Side note: worst grapefruit I have ever taste!)

I also brought un-pictured almonds, beefy jerky, baby tomatoes and dried cranberries!

The day start off strong with a 6 am Bikram Yoga class.

Holy Crap. Forgot how hard yoga was. Here I am saying I can do anything, but yoga is nothing like cardio! I was a dripping mess by the end. At the end of class the teacher always bows and says Namaste. But I had no idea what that really meant until changing when I saw this sign…

Learn something new everyday I tell you!

A while later it was time to hit the road. My Mom and I are on a ‘knitting’ weekend. Really… she knits… I bring tons of books and enjoy the time to relax and hang with Remi.

We stopped in Mystic for food and  I found these babies.

So Yummy and made one town over from me in Connecticut. It’s a small world.

(Talking about small world… last night I forced myself to go to an unknown kickboxing class. I thought I would know no one and it would be miserable. I walked in and was gladly greeted by two ladies I knew from KnockOut. It was great to see them there. Then at the end of class we were chatting with the instructor and come to find out.. she used to baby-sit me. IT’S A SMALL WORLD!)

OK.. Sorry back to the regular scheduled post!

Lunch consisted of 1/2 a grilled cheese.

But Not just any grilled cheese. But a grilled apple, chicken and cheddar cheese sandwich. Plus a regular apple. Probably not the healthiest lunch.. but a tasty one!

I shy spring time! Yippee… my favorite.

Plus a flying dog…

Remi loves his new sling.

We went to visit my Mom’s friend for dinner. Lobster roll and coleslaw.

PLUS… Yummy chowder!!

..in a cute little tea cup:)

Coconut Macaroons for dessert… sign me up!

It’s Day 1 of this 4 day journey!! I’m feeling pretty good so far. I’m about to jump in the bubble jacuzzi and watch some TV. And Yes.. and I do the same at one… there is a TV in the bathroom… I love this place:)

Today was a great day. Tomorrow is looking good too!! Lots to do…. maybe even a bit of outdoor running:)

Goodnight my friends.


How to you combat the travel munchies?