I have the best brother in the world! (No Nick, I’m not looking to get anything out of this.. LOL) Yesterday I came to work and found this on my desk.

I had NO IDEA where this came from. I was flipping through and found some GREAT recipes I can’t wait to try:) Later on during the day, Nick mentioned the book. Finally I put the pieces together and realized it was HIM. The Borders a few towns over is going out of business so everything is reduced, needless to say this is now part of my book family!

Sunshine where are you??!?! I NEED you back in my life!


ps I was running around this morning like a mad women and totally forgot to eat until I was ready to claw at ANYTHING. Thank God.. DD magically appeared. I order the egg white veggie flat bread and got this…

See anything missing?!?! That big old miss of yellow processed cheese was nowhere to be found. Normally I would march back in there and demand my piece of processed cheese. BUT. I stopped. Took a bite. And decided I didn’t need that piece of cheese. The sandwich tasted just as good!!

Ever forget something or not receive something and in the end it’s better it isn’t there?

Ok Bye for real this time.