Happy Monday Morning!

This weekend flew by. It’s hard to grasp the fact that it is already monday morning. When glancing at the calendar, this week is going to be one for the books. I’m hoping I can get all my workouts in, although it’s looking like it will be a daunting task and at the  moment it doesn’t look to promising.

This weekend was filled with family and friends. My 2nd cousin is here from India, he is also runs part of the family business back in India. So there has been lots of work and a bit of socializing taking place these past few weeks. There was lots of cooking, and a bit too much drinking. In fact, I ended up skipping a morning flex edge class due to the fact of too many drinks and not enough sleep. I ended up going on later in the day to a Fitness 101 at the gym. It’s part of the revolution series. It was a good class, although I think it could have been better if I had a few more hours of sleep. Oh, and this whole Paleo diet….. well… I threw that one right out of the window. It just isn’t realistic. AT ALL. In the end, I completely felt deprived of some of my favorite foods, and then ended up eating more than I should. I’m off the diet and back to living a ‘healthy’ lifestyle. And yes… I think it’s ok to eat oatmeal for breakfast once in a while and perhaps have a bit of cheese every now and again. See ya Paleo diet.

In other news, Remi is getting worse. I think his sight is almost completely gone. It is the sadness thing ever to watch. He has that glazed over stare. I will be talking to him and he will be looking in the opposite direction. If you have a pet, love them with all your heart!! I always knew the life span of a dog… but dealing first hand with a sick dog… puts everything into perspective. I think it also kind of softens your heart. All I want to do, all day long.. it hold Remi. His hearing isn’t 100% either, so he can’t see and can’t hear that well. Therefore, he only knows I’m there when I’m touching him. It gets a bit tricky to do things around the house while holding a dog.  Plus, we are headed on a mini-vaca soon, where Remi comes every year. He won’t be able to navigate the sidewalks so I splurged and bought Remi a sling.

I know. But I just had too! Can’t wait till it arrives:) At least Remi will be carried around in style!

Happy Monday!