This week as been purely insane.

1. Remi is going blind. Which includes; no more stairs, bumping into things, wanting to sleep with me in bed (falling out of bed, due to the fact he can’t see), vet trips and the ‘thought’ of cataract surgery.

2. Eating like I’m living in the pre-historic times. ONLY MEAT AND VEGGIES. Weird weird weird I tell you. It’s the Paleo Diet. My friend and I signed up at the gym for the revolution (8 week boot camp so to speak), and this is the nutrition part. I spend $125 at BJs on MEAT AND VEGGIES. More to come on my MEAT AND VEGGIE DIET.

3. It’s day 2 of the Sales Meeting at work. Sales Meeting = Lots of time sitting, Lots of time chatting to Salesmen

I’m looking forward to my normal life next week. Except I’m not sure what normal is anymore?!?! I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon:)

Happy Weekend Everyone!