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How do you guys pack? I have been trying to figure out the best way to pack for years. You would think I would have it down to a science by now. I don’t. I never know what I’m REALLY going to need. 9 times out of 10.. I bring stuff I don’t use and forget stuff I need. And then, if I pack too much ahead of time there are things I need… eeek.. like my toothbrush. I think I better just keep traveling as much as I can to ensure the opportunity to successfully obtain the perfect packing method. LOL

The next few photos and captions are REALLY random.. hold on for the ride!

I was cleaning my living room the other day and happened to look out the window and saw this beauty! I can’t believe I missed this! I wasn’t officially moved into this apartment last April, so it’s fun to see all the brown, dead trees coming back to life.

Speaking of trees.. I was at Life is Good this past weekend and they were giving out tree seedlings! My friend bought a t-shirt so the sales lady asked if I wanted one.. I said, “of course.. Thank You!”. Well, this baby tree sat on my counter for a few days! I finally dug up my pots and an old bag of top soil. Between sitting on the counter and some old soil, I’m wondering how this baby is going to do! I’ll keep you posted!

Finally in it’s new home!

Finally picked up Tina’s new Book!

If you haven’t checked her out yet… carrots ‘n’ cake.. go.. now.. go go go! Can’t wait to read this book!

I LOVE going to new gyms and I am finally confident to take part a different classes… I used to only do zumba and these that I have ALWAYS done because they were comfortable for me. A few months ago I started going to PACE. PACE is a small gym, 1 room, 1 class at a time. I haven’t been in a class with more than 12 people! I love it here. No treadmills or machines. They only have 2 classes a day! And it totally works! Last night I met my friend there. Part of the reason I like it so much, is because you NEVER really know what is coming your way! Last night we used paddles for a big chunk of class!

All the goodies Dave (the owner) uses within his different classes:)

One room, clean and cozy! I love it here!

What is your favorite exercise routine? Do you enjoy ‘new’ things or stick to the ‘old’?

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!



Happy Tuesday. I set my alarm for an early morning wake up and decided to grab Remi and cuddle for a bit of cuddling before heading to class. He is feeling so great! It’s amazing what a hair cut can do!

I’ve been a busy bee in class this morning.. wish there was some way to make this bike magically appear:)

Lots to do. Including packing up for my friends BIG DAY on Friday:) So excited.. and a little nervous I’m gonna forgot my shoes..LOL

A boxing night is planned for tonight tooo… I figure one last GOOD workout before I have to show my bare arms to the world.. sigh… some fabulous ladies will be joining so it should be great fun!

Adios for now!


What a day! Enough said.

My day started with dropping Remi off at the groomers. I was a bit scared, as though he can’t see and can barely hear. This was his 1st appointment with no eye site. I went back a few hours later and Remi was doing great. It was done and ready to go go go! I hate to admit this, but I think I might have let his hair and nails get a bit too long. I picked him up and he looked, smelled and acted better than ever! He still couldn’t see very well, but hasn’t bumped into as many things as norm. I’m a bad Mom. Maybe that is why I don’t have a kid yet.. HMMM?!?!?

Work was work.

Then at 5 on the dot I hit the gym for what I thought was going to be an easy breezy 3.1 mile run before art class tonight. Holy Cow. I always knew that when you didn’t run you lost it, but I never thought I would have lost it this much this quick! I BARELY made it through 1.75! It was a rough run to say the least!

On the Agenda in the upcoming weeks… MORE RUNNING!

With that my friends.. Goodnight!


I hope everyone had an amazing Easter, either relaxing, hanging with family and friends or enjoying the sunshine! Perhaps all 3:)

My parents went away for the weekend, so I was blessed to enjoy Easter dinner at my good friend Liz’s house with her and her family!

I couldn’t go empty-handed so I make a key lime tart. It is a new pampered chef recipe so I was testing it out! And it was a hit!! I LOVE when recipes turn out good:)

The food was A-mazing:) So good in fact I didn’t even take a photo 😦

In between the food and desert there is ALWAYS a fresh fruit course! It was so fresh and yummy!

And then it was desert time!

See that strawberry cake! De-lic-ious!

I even met up with this cute bunny in the hall wall!

Happy Easter!


Howdy! How are you on this fine Saturday evening?!?! I told myself from the moment Friday morning hit.. that I was going to complete a nice long ‘TO DO’ list.. well it’s now Saturday night (I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TODAY WENT) and I’ve only crossed a few longs of my nice long list! Ah.

A bit of a recap since Thursday!

Thursday I took Remi for a walk around RiverWalk during lunch.

Long story short.. Remi was in heaven 🙂

Thursday night I did the unthinkable, the unimaginable, I joined a softball team. It’s a rec team from a town close by. My gym friend has played for years and she mentioned it to me. I figured. why not!?!?! The team meets every Thursday night, sadly I won’t be able to be at the 1st game.. but I’m working on that!! We got team shirts and I was super excited. I went home and searched right away for my beloved glove. A gloved that has moved numerous times, lived in different states and hasn’t been used since 97!

Friday morning I got a new look!

After some pampering, Nick and I went to throw and hit some balls!

I was more into the softballs yesterday, then the tennis balls!!!

I think Nick had other plans!! Overall we had a lot of fun and we can’t wait to go back to the park!!

Look… more Spring.. yay!

Friday was a great day off! It ended with an intense workout at PACE! Yay for days off:)

Saturday was more working out! Kickboxing with Diane… ahhh.. how I miss that lady! I was doing great, breathing ok and feeling wonderful!! Then Diane pulled me on stage with her! After a few minutes, I thought I was going to throw up, I felt dizzy and had to get off that stage asap! I learned a lot in those few minutes while up there with her!! For one thing, I haven’t been pushing as hard as I should be in my daily workouts!! When I was up there I gave it my ALL.. not a percentage, but the full 100%!! Must do that more often. Getting chosen to go up there kind of gave me a confidence booster too! Diane wouldn’t have grabbed my arm and dragged my up there if she didn’t think I could do it!! Apparently I have 3 weeks to get myself in gear to keep up for the entire class! It was a great morning:)

A bunch more errands were done today.. including picking up my dress for my good friend Heather’s wedding next weekend! I’m soooo excited! I love Heather and Chris and wish them the best!!

Nick and I had plans to make dinner. When I arrived at my parents house, there were ingredients waiting, but no recipe! Hmm.. Nick thought it would be fun to see what I could come up with!

There was also chicken, zucchini and some great low-fat alfredo sauce.

Broccoli waiting to be put into something!

Finished product! So good..

Lazy Saturday night hanging with Remi!

Lot’s to do tomorrow!

Happy Easter everyone:)


So what do you do at school? I bake cakes… and it’s a color and design class. We had to pick a phobia that we wanted to create someway, somehow.. pretty much no boundaries. Could have been almost anything. I saw this rainbow cake in the blogosphere a while back but didn’t really have a reason to make it. (Baking a cake in my house without a reason is just not good. Been there, done that.. and I’ll never to it again!) So. I mention to my teacher, can I bake a cake? You rarely get a no from this guy! I was really excited! I get to bake a cake and get a possible A! PS – Who knew there were so many phobias?!?

It started like this…

2 boxes white cake mix, 6 bowls, 6 spoons and 1 cup

I then divided up the cake mix and placed quite a bit of gel food coloring (gel works for the best for this kind of stuff).


Bake. I cheated and bought 8-inch round tins. All the recipes say 9-inch. Go with the 9-inch if you can. My cake ended up a bit tall!


I then dry iced it and put it in the fridge until I needed it. Dry icing is just putting a thin layer of icing all over the cake. That way when you go to really ice it, cake crumbles don’t get in the icing!

I’m not to scared of Color.. but that is the phobia I chose!

What do you find at the end of a rainbow? Look closely!

A pot of gold.. right?!?!

My teacher loved it.. hoping for an A!

With all this cake baking I figured why not make one for our IT guy Sam too!

Inside of Sam’s Cake!

Sam’s Piece! (Just in case you couldn’t figure it out… LOL)

With all this cake eating I decided I needed something to work towards, so finally signed up for a run! It isn’t till November, BUT… it’s a run right over the NEWPORT BRIDGE! So excited.

Citizens Bank Newport Pell Bridge Run logo

There are so many friends running.. I just could pass this up! And to think I’ll running over this…

I won’t be underneath in a boat, or top in a car… but running!

Excited to detox from sugar today! Edge Flex is planned for tonight and a softball meeting! THINKING about joining a summer league…

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Cheers for Springtime:)


I just may be single forever. I meant a guy last night, whom I originally meet online! Nice guy. He has all his teeth and a great job that he loves. But there just wasn’t anything there. He apparently wants to hang out this weekend. We shall see!

I was a busy bee last night. I had lots of baking to do! One photo until later when I present my creation to my color and design teacher with high hopes of an A!

That is it for now!


I miss the beach!

Day 3 – Finally made it to a ‘knitting’ class… yet we didn’t knit! Go figure. We made these really cool scarfs using wool roving. Roving is what yarn is spun from.

First, you take the roving, needles, special paper and punch mat.

Then you get punching… and making lots and lots of rings.

You then soak the paper and roving… roll it up and stuff it into a sock. Place it in the dryer for 10 minute increments until it shrinks by 30% or so.

Then pour boiling water over the entire piece. The boiling water ‘melts’ the paper.. it’s the coolest thing ever!

There was some wired puppy coffee consumed.

And an easter egg hunt all around the town.

Nick and I found ALL 15 eggs! Go US!

Someone knit this lace shawl… how fun!

Remi had lots of photo shoots!

I buy Remi tons of beds, yet his 1st choice for sleeping arrangements in a bunch of clothes… go figure!

We even found a lucky penny!

And Remi LOVED being carried in his fundle!

So that is days 3 and 4!

Yesterday was a wash! Although I learned a bunch in my all day Photoshop Workshop!

AND I finished my family tree at school last night!

I realize this isn’t the best photo.. and this may be hard to figure out. BUT… it’s kind of cool. We had to construct a family tree or something resembling our families. In the middle is a beta fish representing life, then there are 5 pillars surrounding the fish filled with objects that are significant to each person! All sunken into a piece wood! I also placed tea lights in between the pillars, but soon found out that peace lilies don’t like heat.. Woops!

Lots on the plate tonight.. including a date (Ya.. totally came out of left field!!) and baking a cake (for a class project).. sadly my workout will have to wait for tomorrow starting with a 5:45am spin class! Ouch!

Happy Tuesday!


So I need to update you guys on day 3 & 4! BUT… I’m in a Photoshop class ALL day!

I will be back :0)


Hola. How goes it? Day 2 of my knitting weekend and I have yet to pick up needles. LOL. Love it! Today was a great day full of beach time, shopping, eating and napping:)

Remi met a new friend today at breakfast. Meet Gracie. She is the newest member of the Gabriel Family. Every year we stay at the same small inn, so we have become quite friendly with the owners.

Yummy B-Fast!

After breakfast we headed to the Atlantic Spice Company. This place is great.. you can get 1 pound of cinnamon for $4 bucks. Sign me up. I was also able to find some hard to find spices. I’ve seen quite a few recipes calling for some indian masalas I could never find at home.

I’m really excited to start cooking some more once I return home.

It was finally BEACH TIME:) Remi had a blast at the beach. It was really cold, but that didn’t stop him. I think his sense of smell has been developing even more since his blindness. Needless to say, sniffing consistently at the beach ended Remi with a very sandy nose!

Picture Perfect.

Enjoying the wind.

Hanging with Mom.

In love with the Beach.

After a very long nap, some shopping, and another bubble bath… (this time with wild ginger sea salts and a Oprah Magazine)..

…it was time for dinner.

Dinner. No words needed.

On the walk home, we got to enjoy the beautiful sight of the P-town tower lit up. What a beauty!

Time to chill in front of the fireplace.. Remi really loves it here.. perhaps we won’t come back!

No outdoor running today.. however there was quite a long jog on the beach! Knitting class officially starts tomorrow. Let’s see if I remember how to knit!

Goodnight all:)


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