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There are pros and cons of change. Most of the time I hate it, very rarely do I like it. I like to know where I’m going, what I’m doing. I also like the unexpected, but only if it ‘s something good. Last night was Knockout. You all know how much I LOVE knockout. Well. I got there and noticed the instructor wasn’t there. This is not like her. I have taken her class since April. She is NEVER late. I was a bit suspicious, but I let it go. AND THEN… there was talk she wasn’t coming. LONG story short, the instructor and the gym didn’t meet eye-to-eye so she is gone. Just like that. I’m pissed. The gym never called, never emailed.. NOTHING. The emails have been flowing back and forth between myself and the gym all morning, but the bottom line is, I just want my favorite instructor back.

This whole dilemma has made me realized how lucky we are when we go through a day, week, month or year without any huge upsets or hiccups. I do realize that this shit does happen, I just don’t deal with it well. I basically wanted to punch the face of the new instructor (which wasn’t fair at all… she did a great job for the circumstances!) I used to live for Tuesday nights! Also makes me realize I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket. One fitness class a week should not make or break me… however it was the 1 hour a week I could totally check out of the real world. This whole weight loss journey is hard enough when all the ducks are in a row and the machine is well-greased. Throw a bomb on the plan and be prepared to be derailed. My goal for the next few weeks it to figure out a workout plan I can stick to. I have many other workouts I have been waiting to try (hot yoga, swimming, kettleballs, boot camp), so maybe I’ll make the best of this piece of crap news and try something else.

Ahhh. I could just scream. I’m hoping in the next few days, things settle and the instructor can find a better place to teach. Here’s to hoping!!

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