Tuesday mornings = Computer Drawing. Always a fun class, I never quite know what I’ll be doing next!

I have to admit to making some really bad decisions lately. I haven’t really blogged, because there really isn’t anything amazing to share with ya’ll at the moment. I start the revolution at the gym on Saturday morning. I did it, and wore only a bathing suit bottom and sports bra for the initial photo. You would think that would have scared me to pieces and I would be watching ever morsel that goes into my mouth.. well.. it kind of did the complete opposite. I seems like I have so far to go.. I kind of hint a speed bump. I speed bump that lasted almost 2 full days. I happy to report I’m on the other side of the bump now and ready to tackle the next challenge. Tonight in the nutrition part of this revolution boot camp.. I’ll let you know my thoughts!

When speed bumps arrive, I like to tackle them with full force in order to get to the other side. Let’s face it.. there are ALWAYS going to be speed bumps on our journey. I have another Thursday night, with a work dinner and my favorite (4 course, butter filled) restaurant.. Oh Lord help me!!!