I got home last night after KnockOut and was hungry. Not just any old hungry, but starving!! I went to the store this weekend and stocked up… but I came to the conclusion I didn’t really stock on much of anything that would really go together. Well boy did I fix that!

Spinach meets rice with a scoop of roasted curry veggies and a dash of craisins!

That is it in a nut shell! I made some Arborio rice, then roasted up a sweet potato, onion and green pepper with olive oil, S&P and a few shakes of curry powder! I had spinach to eat up too, so I placed that at the bottom. The hot rice and veggies actually some what ‘steamed’ the spinach. I add a handful of craisins too, just to add a bit of sweetness! I’m  was really surprised at how well this came out. Sometimes going into the kitchen with NO PLAN is the BEST PLAN.

On to NO PLAN #2 of the night! I was craving apple crisp.. but didn’t exactly want all the calories that goes along with the traditional recipe. Therefore, I made my own.

  • a cut up apple, left over blackberries, 1/4 cup of oats, cinnamon & nutmeg, ground flax-seed, honey
  • unpictured maple agave nectar

I mixed everything up and baked at 350ºF for about 30 minutes or so!

Before baking:

After baking:

It was so yummy! Although after eating that huge ‘salad’ I packed it up for my 2nd breakfast, 1st lunch or 10 o’clock snack… whatever you like to see it as. LOL

2.5 work days left to the week….. yahhhhhhooooooo!


What is the weirdest combo you have made in your kitchen?