Howdy!! How goes it?!?!

I overslept this morning. My body is craving some GOOD sleep yet I somehow can’t deliver. I try to put all this good shit into my body; plenty of H2O, organic stuff, reduced fat things, ya know what I mean.. but sometimes it’s just a good 10 hour night of sleep I need. It’s on the calendar for tonight!

I have been planning todays lunch since last week. Every Tuesday while driving back from school I pass Katz’s deli! Katz’s deli originated on Broadway in NYC and it’s known for its huge corn beef and pastrami sandwiches, pickles and coleslaw. Seriously. These sandwiches could feed a family! (Only 1/2 pictured)

Oh. And the pickles. HOLY COW. In fact I wanted to make sure we had enough pickles so I ordered some extra!

Nick (my brother) made a bee line for the office after learning about lunch!

My 3 o’clock snack for the next few days! (bright green hour sour, yellow-ish green full sour)

Attempting KnockOut tonight. My body is also craving a serious workout!

See ya when I see ya!


What is the best lunch you have ever had?!?!