Whoa. Where on earth did the weekend go?!?!?

Super quick recap of the weekend.

Friday night I tried out a new kickboxing place in Devon. Patty (my gym buddy) told me about it. She went there before the current gym we belong to now, and loved it. She was definitely correct…. it was a GREAT workout. I LOVED IT! I can’t wait to go back.

Saturday morning was back to back kickboxing and zumba. It’s amazing to me the workout you can get while zumba-ing πŸ™‚ I finally saw Diane (my old KnockOut instructor) which was great! Boy do I miss her. It was great to finally get a ‘Diane’ workout in. Saturday afternoon I spent celebrating my Aunt’s 86th birthday. After realizing she was turning 86, I went around the room asking ages (I know.. something I shouldn’t do), and then learned my other Aunt is turning 80 next month. When did everyone get soooo old? I remember when these people would come over and play on the floor with me, then the years they would take me out and get ice cream, and all the years of graduations and dance recitals they attended. It’s sad to think that someday these people will no longer be with us. Which is why it makes it, that much more important to seize each and everyday πŸ™‚

Happy 86th Birthday Auntie Angie! Ps- Di Mare Pastry Shop.. best in Stamford!

Angie is short for Angelina which means angel. (However I just googled Angelina and come to find out it means messenger in most cases and Angelic in one! We will let my Aunt think it means Angel:)) So years and years ago Angie’s sister gave her these 2 musical pieces they play happy birthday.


The tradition states that EVERY year, when Angie celebrates her birthday these are to be played. It was great to hear stories and share time with everyone there!

Every time we are in Stamford, we have to stop at my favorite store. Look what I finally found!

I was like a kid in a candy shop and I finally found some black capri workout pants that don’t fall down while doing jumping jacks πŸ™‚ Score!

Sunday was Flex Edge and CLEANING DAY!

Remi had a bit of ‘office’ work to do too!

I can finally say I think I’m back in the groove with exercising. I have put the past behind me and I have moved on. I have found some great new instructors, new classes and I like to think a new outlook on the whole situation! Sometimes there are good things that come out of not so pleasant things! Now if only I could fit it ALL the classes I want to take!

(Thank god for Banana Nut Bread Latte’s. I think that is the only think to get me through the afternoon.. this time switch thing is killing me πŸ˜‰ )

Happy Monday!