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Ah. Friday afternoon. I LOVE Friday afternoons. Although not as much as Saturday mornings 😉 (Counting down the hours till kickboxing with Diane!!!)

Last night I meet up with a friend for dinner and drinks. I’ve been trying to meet up with this girl since I moved back here last May. Well almost 10 months later, we finally made a plan 🙂 We went to this great little restaurant/bar right up the street from me. Boy was I craving a nice cold beer. After dinner and a few drinks I checked my watch and 4.5 went by! WHO DOES THAT? Who talks for 4.5 hours?!?! Apparently we had alot to say to each other. I could have kept talking and talking, but it was getting late and we both had to work today. Booo. (Sadly I didn’t take a photos.. but we had nachos and then I had an Arugula & Pear Salad w/ gorgonzola cheese, caramelized walnuts and lemon poppy-seed vinaigrette. The vinaigrette was amazing and now I’m on a search to figure out how to make it!)

Once I got home I really wanted one more drink.. you know.. to top of the night! I made one and while cleaning up all my scrapbooking stuff I came across this sheet of stickers.

Yes I know I’m not running a marathon.. but some of this sayings are really inspirational!

I thought, I need to see these sayings and words more than once a year when I take all this stuff out! So guess what I did? I went on a sticker spree, placing them on ever mirror I could!

I think the drinks might have helped with this.. but it was great fun reading through all of them this morning once again 🙂

I was reading my daily blogs late last night and came across a star! Check it out.. Remi was on Carrots N’ Cake! Thanks Tina!!

Back to work I go!! I must admit I’m looking forward to going home and re-reading the quotes I put on my mirrors… so much fun.. you should try it too:)

Happy Friday!



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