Finding balance within life is one enormous task I have yet to figure out. Do we ever figure it out? For the past few months it’s been go go go. I enjoy being busy. I live for busy days. Days when I look at the clock and wonder how is it already ‘whatever time it is’?!?! For the past few months I have figured out a way to eat ‘somewhat’ healthy and workout ALMOST daily. For the past week that has all been thrown up in the wind. I can’t seem to re-catch what I originally had and it’s starting to piss me off. I dabble my toes in so many different things, I sometimes think that if I only put all my toes in one thing, that one thing may come out better than if only one toe was in it. Something to work on I suppose!

So yet again, I didn’t go to the gym yesterday. I just COULD NOT fit it in. I probably should learn how to get up earlier and go in the morning. I tell my body this is my plan.. BUT it has its own plans 😦 Today I’m going to blame being sick for not getting in the groove. I know it’s not really cool to blame stuff on something or someone. But today I am. I am still going to attempt a 12 o’clock spin class (more so because there is a new boy in town 😉 ). Hey.. if it’s the boys that get me to the gym.. so be it 🙂

Anyway, last night was a school night. I mentioned last week that I would love how to create some stained glass pieces for a project I am working on. So this week my teacher brought everything in. He is just the bestest 🙂 We learned all about glass. How glass really isn’t a solid. How is breaks soo easily, yet so strong. Think car windshield… the windshield saves us and protects us every time we get behind the wheel, yet a broken windshield is extremely dangerous to us! It makes you think! We learned the Tiffany’s way of stain glass last night and I was in love!

In a nut shell, there are sheets of glass.

Which you can score with a special tool and snap in half. You then get to arrange the pieces the way you want them… who knew puzzle creating skills were needed.

Once they are arranged you have to wrap them in copper.

Once wrapped, each piece must have it’s copper carefully pressed down. We used the hard edge of a pen, but there are special ‘bone’ tools for his step.

The wrapping of each piece takes a while. I only had  time to then ‘tack’ the pieces together. I will finish the entire piece next Monday.

Creating pieces of stain glass is super fun. I now know why a Tiffany’s lamp shade it sooo expensive.. kind of also makes me want one!! Hehehe.

I just love them:)

Ok. Enough about lamps.

See ya later!