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Tuesday mornings = Computer Drawing. Always a fun class, I never quite know what I’ll be doing next!

I have to admit to making some really bad decisions lately. I haven’t really blogged, because there really isn’t anything amazing to share with ya’ll at the moment. I start the revolution at the gym on Saturday morning. I did it, and wore only a bathing suit bottom and sports bra for the initial photo. You would think that would have scared me to pieces and I would be watching ever morsel that goes into my mouth.. well.. it kind of did the complete opposite. I seems like I have so far to go.. I kind of hint a speed bump. I speed bump that lasted almost 2 full days. I happy to report I’m on the other side of the bump now and ready to tackle the next challenge. Tonight in the nutrition part of this revolution boot camp.. I’ll let you know my thoughts!

When speed bumps arrive, I like to tackle them with full force in order to get to the other side. Let’s face it.. there are ALWAYS going to be speed bumps on our journey. I have another Thursday night, with a work dinner and my favorite (4 course, butter filled) restaurant.. Oh Lord help me!!!



I’m still a bit hooked up on the awesome-ness of last weekend. So. I was looking through pictures and then realized I’ve gone from this..

Multiple dollar handmade dark chocolate truffles.. to this…

..mass-produced chocolate like balls covered in neon foil!

I’m ready to get in my time machine and head back a few days! Haha…

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!


I realized that for those of you who read this daily, my being away, was probably quite boring for you. I’m sorry! I’m back and won’t be going anywhere for a while.

I was back in Newport this weekend for a very special Bachorlette  Weekend. There was lots of dancing, singing, wine tasting, wine and truffle pairing, eating and chatting!

Dancing – The 5th Element – Newport, RI


Wine Tasting – Westport Rivers, Westport Mass

The Bride 🙂

Sakonnet Vineyards – Little Compton, RI

Wine and Truffle Pairing – Newport Cellar, Newport RI

There was also unpictured Ma’s Coffee runs, walk/run around Sachest Point, swimming/hot tubbing, and lots of talk about running races! (More on races in another post soon!)

The weekend ended officially ended at 5:45AM Monday morning when Heather and I went to a spinning class taught by a Mom we used to work for, who has turned into a great friend!

What a great weekend! I can’t wait for the wedding weekend!

The entire bridal party + Heather’s Mom!

So with all the fun festivities of the weekend, I must admit I’m feeling a bit heavier than I did on Friday! There is a program called revolution at the gym, that I have been eyeing for months. It’s $99 and lasts for 8 weeks. You get a bunch of stuff for the $99, 1 personal training session, 1 Pilates session, books, dvds, before & after measurements & photos, etc. Still I didn’t want to shell out that at this time. HOWEVER, on Groupon the other day, they were offering this for $48 for a 24-hour period. I jumped on it! Needless to say, before measurements and photos will be taken this Saturday! So in my head I have 2 days to stuff my face.. LOL… NOT! I am a bit relaxed on what goes in my mouth, but don’t want to fall of the train entirely! I’m a bit nervous, and don’t want to mess this one up! I’ve been able to keep off a certain amount of weight for over a year.. it’s time to add to that number:)

I’m excited to be a playing part in The Edge Revolution. Watch out!!


Do you ever binge or go off the charts drastically before started a new program or schedule?




I got home last night after KnockOut and was hungry. Not just any old hungry, but starving!! I went to the store this weekend and stocked up… but I came to the conclusion I didn’t really stock on much of anything that would really go together. Well boy did I fix that!

Spinach meets rice with a scoop of roasted curry veggies and a dash of craisins!

That is it in a nut shell! I made some Arborio rice, then roasted up a sweet potato, onion and green pepper with olive oil, S&P and a few shakes of curry powder! I had spinach to eat up too, so I placed that at the bottom. The hot rice and veggies actually some what ‘steamed’ the spinach. I add a handful of craisins too, just to add a bit of sweetness! I’m  was really surprised at how well this came out. Sometimes going into the kitchen with NO PLAN is the BEST PLAN.

On to NO PLAN #2 of the night! I was craving apple crisp.. but didn’t exactly want all the calories that goes along with the traditional recipe. Therefore, I made my own.

  • a cut up apple, left over blackberries, 1/4 cup of oats, cinnamon & nutmeg, ground flax-seed, honey
  • unpictured maple agave nectar

I mixed everything up and baked at 350ºF for about 30 minutes or so!

Before baking:

After baking:

It was so yummy! Although after eating that huge ‘salad’ I packed it up for my 2nd breakfast, 1st lunch or 10 o’clock snack… whatever you like to see it as. LOL

2.5 work days left to the week….. yahhhhhhooooooo!


What is the weirdest combo you have made in your kitchen?

Howdy!! How goes it?!?!

I overslept this morning. My body is craving some GOOD sleep yet I somehow can’t deliver. I try to put all this good shit into my body; plenty of H2O, organic stuff, reduced fat things, ya know what I mean.. but sometimes it’s just a good 10 hour night of sleep I need. It’s on the calendar for tonight!

I have been planning todays lunch since last week. Every Tuesday while driving back from school I pass Katz’s deli! Katz’s deli originated on Broadway in NYC and it’s known for its huge corn beef and pastrami sandwiches, pickles and coleslaw. Seriously. These sandwiches could feed a family! (Only 1/2 pictured)

Oh. And the pickles. HOLY COW. In fact I wanted to make sure we had enough pickles so I ordered some extra!

Nick (my brother) made a bee line for the office after learning about lunch!

My 3 o’clock snack for the next few days! (bright green hour sour, yellow-ish green full sour)

Attempting KnockOut tonight. My body is also craving a serious workout!

See ya when I see ya!


What is the best lunch you have ever had?!?!

Whoa. Where on earth did the weekend go?!?!?

Super quick recap of the weekend.

Friday night I tried out a new kickboxing place in Devon. Patty (my gym buddy) told me about it. She went there before the current gym we belong to now, and loved it. She was definitely correct…. it was a GREAT workout. I LOVED IT! I can’t wait to go back.

Saturday morning was back to back kickboxing and zumba. It’s amazing to me the workout you can get while zumba-ing 🙂 I finally saw Diane (my old KnockOut instructor) which was great! Boy do I miss her. It was great to finally get a ‘Diane’ workout in. Saturday afternoon I spent celebrating my Aunt’s 86th birthday. After realizing she was turning 86, I went around the room asking ages (I know.. something I shouldn’t do), and then learned my other Aunt is turning 80 next month. When did everyone get soooo old? I remember when these people would come over and play on the floor with me, then the years they would take me out and get ice cream, and all the years of graduations and dance recitals they attended. It’s sad to think that someday these people will no longer be with us. Which is why it makes it, that much more important to seize each and everyday 🙂

Happy 86th Birthday Auntie Angie! Ps- Di Mare Pastry Shop.. best in Stamford!

Angie is short for Angelina which means angel. (However I just googled Angelina and come to find out it means messenger in most cases and Angelic in one! We will let my Aunt think it means Angel:)) So years and years ago Angie’s sister gave her these 2 musical pieces they play happy birthday.


The tradition states that EVERY year, when Angie celebrates her birthday these are to be played. It was great to hear stories and share time with everyone there!

Every time we are in Stamford, we have to stop at my favorite store. Look what I finally found!

I was like a kid in a candy shop and I finally found some black capri workout pants that don’t fall down while doing jumping jacks 🙂 Score!

Sunday was Flex Edge and CLEANING DAY!

Remi had a bit of ‘office’ work to do too!

I can finally say I think I’m back in the groove with exercising. I have put the past behind me and I have moved on. I have found some great new instructors, new classes and I like to think a new outlook on the whole situation! Sometimes there are good things that come out of not so pleasant things! Now if only I could fit it ALL the classes I want to take!

(Thank god for Banana Nut Bread Latte’s. I think that is the only think to get me through the afternoon.. this time switch thing is killing me 😉 )

Happy Monday!


Ah. Friday afternoon. I LOVE Friday afternoons. Although not as much as Saturday mornings 😉 (Counting down the hours till kickboxing with Diane!!!)

Last night I meet up with a friend for dinner and drinks. I’ve been trying to meet up with this girl since I moved back here last May. Well almost 10 months later, we finally made a plan 🙂 We went to this great little restaurant/bar right up the street from me. Boy was I craving a nice cold beer. After dinner and a few drinks I checked my watch and 4.5 went by! WHO DOES THAT? Who talks for 4.5 hours?!?! Apparently we had alot to say to each other. I could have kept talking and talking, but it was getting late and we both had to work today. Booo. (Sadly I didn’t take a photos.. but we had nachos and then I had an Arugula & Pear Salad w/ gorgonzola cheese, caramelized walnuts and lemon poppy-seed vinaigrette. The vinaigrette was amazing and now I’m on a search to figure out how to make it!)

Once I got home I really wanted one more drink.. you know.. to top of the night! I made one and while cleaning up all my scrapbooking stuff I came across this sheet of stickers.

Yes I know I’m not running a marathon.. but some of this sayings are really inspirational!

I thought, I need to see these sayings and words more than once a year when I take all this stuff out! So guess what I did? I went on a sticker spree, placing them on ever mirror I could!

I think the drinks might have helped with this.. but it was great fun reading through all of them this morning once again 🙂

I was reading my daily blogs late last night and came across a star! Check it out.. Remi was on Carrots N’ Cake! Thanks Tina!!

Back to work I go!! I must admit I’m looking forward to going home and re-reading the quotes I put on my mirrors… so much fun.. you should try it too:)

Happy Friday!



Finding balance within life is one enormous task I have yet to figure out. Do we ever figure it out? For the past few months it’s been go go go. I enjoy being busy. I live for busy days. Days when I look at the clock and wonder how is it already ‘whatever time it is’?!?! For the past few months I have figured out a way to eat ‘somewhat’ healthy and workout ALMOST daily. For the past week that has all been thrown up in the wind. I can’t seem to re-catch what I originally had and it’s starting to piss me off. I dabble my toes in so many different things, I sometimes think that if I only put all my toes in one thing, that one thing may come out better than if only one toe was in it. Something to work on I suppose!

So yet again, I didn’t go to the gym yesterday. I just COULD NOT fit it in. I probably should learn how to get up earlier and go in the morning. I tell my body this is my plan.. BUT it has its own plans 😦 Today I’m going to blame being sick for not getting in the groove. I know it’s not really cool to blame stuff on something or someone. But today I am. I am still going to attempt a 12 o’clock spin class (more so because there is a new boy in town 😉 ). Hey.. if it’s the boys that get me to the gym.. so be it 🙂

Anyway, last night was a school night. I mentioned last week that I would love how to create some stained glass pieces for a project I am working on. So this week my teacher brought everything in. He is just the bestest 🙂 We learned all about glass. How glass really isn’t a solid. How is breaks soo easily, yet so strong. Think car windshield… the windshield saves us and protects us every time we get behind the wheel, yet a broken windshield is extremely dangerous to us! It makes you think! We learned the Tiffany’s way of stain glass last night and I was in love!

In a nut shell, there are sheets of glass.

Which you can score with a special tool and snap in half. You then get to arrange the pieces the way you want them… who knew puzzle creating skills were needed.

Once they are arranged you have to wrap them in copper.

Once wrapped, each piece must have it’s copper carefully pressed down. We used the hard edge of a pen, but there are special ‘bone’ tools for his step.

The wrapping of each piece takes a while. I only had  time to then ‘tack’ the pieces together. I will finish the entire piece next Monday.

Creating pieces of stain glass is super fun. I now know why a Tiffany’s lamp shade it sooo expensive.. kind of also makes me want one!! Hehehe.

I just love them:)

Ok. Enough about lamps.

See ya later!


Simple words can totally lift someone’s spirits at times. Today has been a pretty average day, although I’m feeling REALLY guilty for skipping the gym last night. I’m starting to get sick.. (I guess it’s my turn!).. and I just couldn’t bring myself to go. I still have such an awful feeling about the whole Knockout instructor thing. Ok. EEEEnuf of that! Back to the lifting someone’s spirits with words bit. So I just got a FB message.. it made it’s announcement throughly! The phone beeped, the ‘you got mail’ popped up on the lower right of the screen and the blinking red block went off with a bang telling me I have some new mail! Yippiee… go modern-day technology!

Hey Leah! So I’ve seen your pics of those green monsters and saw your blog—-and decided to give them a try—-all i can say after my first one is YUM! (other than the amount I made it came out great!) Not sure why i ended up with 2 cups worth though. I was skeptical about using spinach b/c I am not a fan but the banana completely masked the flavor.

I hope you are doing well!


Thank you!

After talking about my beer bread this weekend I thought I would share more info on it. I was reading the paper with the kids (they were reading the comics and checking the Dick’s Sporting Goods flyer) and came across this easy recipe. Who doesn’t love carbs on a Saturday morning anyway?!?!?

Beer Bread

  • 1 12 ounce bottle of beer
  • 3.5 cups of flour
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 egg

Mix everything in a bowl until almost combine. Knead on a floured space. Create ball like shape. Place on baking sheet. Cut X in top. Brush egg all over.

Bake at 375ºF for one hour.

So Yummy, super easy and the kids loved it too!

Found this on the web while doing some research

‘This bread is very dense, lightly sweet and perfect for chili and stews. For bread that is lighter, let the batter sit in a warm place for at least one hour before baking. It will not raise much, but every little bit helps. To keep the crust hard, store this bread in a brown paper bag. For a softer crust, store it in a plastic bag.

Quick bread recipes such as beer bread recipes rely on the yeast in the beer or the self-rising flour to do the majority of the work. And since all the work has been done for you, you have the freedom to mix and match or add and subtract from a recipe. For instance, the above recipe can be improved upon by adding a few spices. Oregano, basil, thyme and dill work well, as do chives, garlic, rosemary or caraway seeds.’

You should try this.. it’s easy, tasty and just plain great!

Enjoy your Wednesday. (Is this the slowest week for anyone else?!?! I feel like a turtle running a race!)


I’m still alive. Although, I’m still pretty devastated about the whole knockout instructor fiasco! Still not sure what my next move is.. but I’ll be dragging my butt to the gym tonight to meet up with Patty for some flex edge… even though every time I see (the Edge plasters FB status’ non-stop all day, as well as annoying e-mails) or think about that place I cringe! Moving on…

I had a bit of an escape this weekend. I was in Newport.. but not entirely for fun.. but more for work:)

I had the kids help me build some eco-art:) We also made beer bread, went to see A Good Man Charlie Brown (one of my other kids was Sally!), went to a skating party, walked around downtown, went to the opening of my new favorite store Potter & Co. (where I may or may not have purchased a new spinning top), ate at the Hungry Monkey, ran 1.5 miles, swam in the Marriott pool, cooked dinners, gave Remi a bath in a claw foot tub, watched movies and, read and snuggled with 3 great kids. All-in-all it was a great weekend. I didn’t end up getting back till early this morning and I’ve been fighting with InDesign ever since!

I’m looking forward to a quite night home (aka collapsing on the couch). I feel like my house is falling apart at the cracks.. so perhaps prior to collapsing I’ll do a bit of cleaning! LOL. Who are we kidding 🙂

See ya all so soon!



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