Whoa. What a whirlwind this past few days! I finally finished my ‘secret’ project. And since it’s in the hands of the proud new owner I can finally show you!

Saturday was my dear friend, Heather’s Bridal Shower. I had no idea what to get her and I knew she would be getting all the mixing bowls, plates, spoons, etc… so I thought why not make her a photo quilt. Heather loves anything handmade and always has a camera in her hand.. I knew was hoping she would love this!

I also had their names embroidered to add to the quilt.

I didn’t plan my time very well while putting this together and actually forgot how long it REALLY takes 🙂 I was up till the wee hours of the morning Friday night finishing this baby! (And I may or may not have asked for the quilt back at some point to fix somethings :)) I also had this bad boys on the agenda…

They are cake balls…. and the EASIEST baked good to make EVER!!!

Cake Balls (originally taken from bakerella.com)

1. Make a cake using a boxed mix. Any shape pan will do. (If you want to be a bit healthy, make the cake with 1 12 oz can/bottle of your favorite diet soda. Omit the oil/water/eggs.. and keep the dark sodas with the chocolate and the light sodas with vanilla.)

2. CAKE MUST BE COOLED COMPLETELY. Break cake up in a big bowl. Were talking tiny pieces here! Take 1/2 a tub of icing and mix in. (If using soda, only 2 tablespoons icing. The soda makes the cake much more moist.) Mix.

3. Take a scoop. And scoop away onto to wax paper. (I used a 2 tablespoon Pampered Chef Scoop.)

4. Put balls in fridge for 45 minutes and then dip in your favorite chocolate. I got carried away and went a bit decorating crazy. I dipped some, I drizzled some and I even double dipped some. You can add almost ANYTHING at this point. Just make sure you are having fun! This is also a great kid friendly recipe!

I got this bracelet a few days ago in the mail. It’s the slogan for priorfatgirl.com, a blog I have been reading  for some time now. Jen is a great writer and I love what she has to say. I also can relate to her, as she has lost over 90+ lbs. This is a girl whose footsteps I am trying to follow. I love many  different types of blogs, but those who can lose that amount of weight are extra ordinary in my book. It’s not 5 lbs here, 10 lbs there. We are talking almost a kindergartener!! I hope someday I get to meet Jen. But for now, I read her blog daily and allow my bracelet to be a reminder of what bites I’m actually taking!! Check her out… priorfatgirl.com

After knockout and flex edge, which start at 7:15 am, I decided to ‘reward’ myself with a unsweeted iced green tea and a protein dish from Starbucks. Love that Starbucks has healthy things to eat when you need it RIGHT NOW!

 I’m finally making my list to go grocery shopping later on today.  I picked up this book the other day, after staying up WAAAAAY to late one night reading through recipes  on happyherbivore.com I found an awesome one for tonight’s dinner. It’s a recipe I can save and reheat for future lunches/dinners this week! Which will be yet again another challenging one 🙂 I’ll share soon!

Wow. This post is ALL OVER THE PLACE.. and I’m not going to change a thing!

Bottom Line: I’m still standing! Ready for another crazy week… hoping to fit in some swimming this week:)

Enjoy the precious hours this weekend still has left!