So.. It’s amazing when people mention this blog to me. In the beginning I used to tell my friends (well really, whoever I saw and would listen) to read the BLOG.. but that got old fast. I then decided why pretend to write anymore. BUT. I was missing it. I was missing the act of putting my feelings down on paper (eek. or a screen in this case!). I then decided I would continue with this little project. If for no one else, but for ME. If taking photos, writing and posting keep the french fries, milkshakes and triple cheeseburgers out of my mouth.. SO BE IT.

So THANK YOU.. to those who actually do read this shit amazing blog.. LOL. You all make this so much more meaningful than you might ever imagine!

Rewind to yesterdays lunch.

Who doesn’t love gift certificates!?!?!?

Went to Stockbridge… a great small lunch/dinner place downtown. I couldn’t believe how busy it was. I ended up ordering a lentil burger on salad. So good.

Stockbridge is known for their cheesecakes, so I couldn’t leave without sampling some desserts.

Red Velvet Cupcake and a oreo truffle. I honestly thought the cupcake was OK. The truffle on the other hand.. was AWESOME:)

After all those sweets.. I hit the gym for a spin class. I find it very funny how I become almost addicted to something and NEED  to do it all the time. Then I’ll find something else and become addicted to that. Let me explain.. 8 or so months ago it was Zumba. I just couldn’t get enough of it. I went to classes ALL THE TIME. I then moved back to CT and couldn’t find a teacher I loved and became bored with it. I then moved on to KnockOut. KnockOut is an all bag class, choreographed to music with a heavy impact on martial arts. Kickboxing was also thrown in there for a bit. And NOW.. it’s all about spinning. It’s like a drug. I could easily spend hours at the gym and go to numerous spinning classes. Sigh. But real life gets in the way of that. I must learn to do all these things on an even level. To much of one thing is NEVER good.

Anyway, spinning was awesome! I also got to chat with a long-lost friend. Someone whom I haven’t seen in easily 12 years or so! Love reconnecting with old friends:)

I’ve been dying to try the laughing cow cheese wedges in pasta. I’ve seen it all over the blogosphere and last night was my turn!

I put 3 of these in this…

Mixed it around till they melted. I tasted it, and was not in love 😦 It was so boring. So I added some salad fixin’ and it was much better. (Side note: this made 2.5 servings)

Interesting combo.. but I would definitely do it again. With all this eating healthy, I have come up with some crazy combos. Some work.. some don’t.. but I’m always asking myself what else can I add to that!

Breakfast was Siggi’s and granola! (The orange turned into a 10 o’clock snack!)

Have you ever had siggi’s before?!?! It definitely takes some getting used to. After the first bite, it only gets better!!

Yippiee it’s Friday!! Enjoy your day!