My 10 o’clock snack… [yes.. even in the cube world you can have a morning snack :0) ]

The H2O balances out the green tea, which I need to keep me awake at the moment. Geeez and it’s only 11.. oh my. The Chocolate Peanut Butter on the other hand was pretty darn good.

It wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be, so the first bite was a bit off.

After the next few bites though I was hooked. It was a great addition to the basic plain apple… peanut butter-y with the perfect amount of chocolate for a mid-morning snack. LOVE that fact that I can read all the ingreditents and I know what they are. No weird things added to these!!!  I found these cute packets at a new health food store in my town called FoodWorks. It was .69 cents for one. Also, this packet was 170 calories.. do definitely a treat! I was just looking at their site.. they have 3 others that are only 80 calories a packs. I think I might try to go back to FoodWorks and pick some of those to try out! They help with the 10 o’clock slump time!

I flatten that sucker out quick!

Completely enjoying the sunshine.. but longing for a snow day involving pj’s, movies and the couch. Think Mother Nature is done giving us snow?!?!