Illustrator. This was my morning! I drew this in class. Pretty cool.. right? This was only after a 30 minute lesson. I  still have tons to learn! and yes.. I  know it’s missing a top 🙂

Last night was color and design. The class is small. 3 students and the teacher. Makes for an interesting night. I’m hoping I learn more in these class… so far so good.. but last night was a bit of a drag! Oh well. My Mondays are incredibly long. I could give up my lunch time spin, but I would hate to do that. I need to invest in a dog-sitter or something. Whenever I come home on Monday nights, Remi just looks at me like… “WTF MOM!?!” Mondays I am probably the worse Mother EVER!

Eating has been equally as challenging.. luckily I was able to hit the grocery store this weekend to stock up on some healthy foods. I’ve been trying like hell to drink plenty of water and eat my greens. I’m loosely following a Choose to Lose program that is actually held in RI, last weeks food challenge was to drink 8 oz. of water before each meal. So that is what I’m trying to do.

The bridesmaid dress is here. I can wait to take a slight detour this weekend and pick it up. I’m dying to try it on and figure out what shoes would be best, etc!

Dinner is cooking away in the crock-pot. Which I’m a little nervous about. I don’t like leaving things plugged in, let alone turned ON when I’m not home. I consulted many people,  all of whom seem to put my fears at bay for a while. I’m exited to return home after knockout, for a fabulous meal and much-needed cuddle time with Remi.

Off to tackle another project! I mean nicely complete another project!!