It’s Monday afternoon at 3 and I should have an amazing post up full of inspiring words and wonderful photos. All I have is a blank screen. So.. I’ll fill it with hearts….


.. it is Valentine’s Day after all! So Happy Valentine’s Day to you. V-Day isn’t the same if you don’t have kids to share it with.. or a significant other 😦 Last year today, I was still a full-time nanny. I had 6 amazing kids to share the day with. This year I have a lovely cube. Oh well.. there is always next year right?!?!

My weekend wasn’t anything brilliant. Didn’t get much accomplished. I hate weekends like that! I did manage to fit in 3 classes, kickboxing, knockout and edge flex. All were fun and challenging.

I finally realized it’s ok to be in the front row of a class you love. I’m been taking them for so long now.. I know what to expect. I never really liked being the front. I always felt like people were watching me.. which is what I do to the front row.. off a beat.. just look at them right?!?! Well, Saturday after kickboxing a lady came up to me and told me how great I looked. How I was able to keep up with the class, knew most of the steps and if she was off she watched ME. I assured her she would get there someday and that I have been taking this class for the last 6 months. All said and done.. those simple words she spoke made my day. People are looking at me now.. it’s a scary thought sometimes… but equally as rewarding!

I have no special Valentine’s Day plans. In fact I have class tonight.. One holiday down with NO splurging on candy! Next up St. Patty’s Day.. which in fact will include lots of green beer and corn beef!!

Until next time…