Just surfing the web while the IT guy figures out the server issue. Look what I found. Check out #13. This is my kind of girl 🙂

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Alison Sweeney

1296578745_alison-sweeney-290.jpg Alison Sweeney, 34, (Sweeney hosts NBC’s Biggest Loser Tuesdays at 8 P.M. Her book The Mommy Diet is out now) weighs in with UsMagazine.com

1. Yo hablo espanol.

2. I’m an impatient driver.

3. I can recite The Princess Bride line for line in its entirety.

4. My first kiss was on TV.

5. I hate asking for help.

6. I have a playlist for every mood. One playlist is titled “crisis.”

7. I prefer falling asleep with the TV on.

8. I think the term making love is douchey.

9. If I weren’t on Days of Our Lives, I would still watch it.

10. Some of my most embarrassing moments were scripted.

11. My first computer was an Apple IIc.

12. My best friend and I once sent an audition tape to Amazing Race.

13. I think Ireland is what heaven looks like.

14. There are only three keys on my key chain.

15. The most panic I’ve ever felt was when the teleprompter went down during a live Biggest Loser finale.

16. Optimism is my conscious choice.

17. Grocery shopping relaxes me.

18. I ski double-black diamonds.

19. I’ve driven over 200 mph on the Indy 500 racetrack.

20. The elimination room at Biggest Loser is my least favorite part of the job.

21. In real life, I hate confrontations.

22. I beat my hero Pete Sampras at tennis (on Wii, but still).

23. I own the movie Arthur with Dudley Moore in every format possible.

24. I have an industry crush on Mike Rowe.

25. I thought texting was a fad.

Yup Ireland.. it’s what Alison thinks heaven looks like. I really need to get to Ireland one day! I want to see heaven, without seeing the actual heave 😉 I used to not follow Allison that much. I thought she was one who HAD TO DO IT ALL. The more I read about her and watch her on TBL.. I’m starting to like what she stands for! I also enjoy reading her blog!

How do you get through a work day? There is NO WAY I could work non-stop. I use the internet as a reward every hour or so! Is that a bad thing?!?!? I think not. More productivity during the hour.. right!?!?!

Stay Happy.