Holy Smokes. Hard to think I’ve posted 100 times. Where does the time go?

Well today is Wednesday.

The week will be half over in a mere 2 hours. I feel like it should be Friday. The snow has totally wrecked havoc with my internal working clock – having multiple days off mid-week. My body is like… whoooooa, you have to work 5 full days, plus 2 night art classes  and  fit in  workouts… wait a minute!!! So with that being said, I’m taking a break from the blog world for the week. I need to figure out how to balance EVERYTHING… Working a 9-5 (with big deadlines coming down the pike), working out 6 days a week, eating healthy (which we all know takes prep time), getting to school on time and having the correct assignments done and lastly blogging. I never wanted blogging to become a thing on my ‘to do’ list and sadly that is what it has become. I’m not done. But for now, I’m taking a break. Plus, a blog without photos is NO FUN. I need to upgrade and get more space!

Peace out.. until next time 🙂