Hello World.

My lovely brother just pointed out I suck at writing. Yes I know. I do. But I still enjoy blogging. Hmmm… must figure out how to spell and use correct grammar!

Ended up working late tonight. Whenever we work late, I make the bosses take us out to dinner. (Side note.. the bosses are my parents!) We went to this great local Italian restaurant.. Vincent’s. I was soo hungry I didn’t even snap one photo. What happened to the Leah who took pictures of EVERYTHING?!?!? Anyway, I decided to have a glass of wine with dinner. interesting choice, seeing as though I haven’t drank a lick of alcohol for nearly 3 weeks! Let’s say it went right to my head! Hahaha. Dinner was great!

Ended up pouring another glass of red after returning home! A few minutes later this appeared in my hands…

a hot banana ice cream melt with butterscotch/chocolate chips, peanut butter and So Delicious chocolate ice cream! Hey.. you can’t be GOOD everyday.. Thank God I packed half my dinner and planned a run for tomorrow:)

Have a fabulous Thursday night!!

(If I spelled something wrong, used the wrong tense or missed some punctuation.. please ignore.. thanks!)