How goes it out there to all of those on this glorious Monday afternoon?!?! And no.. no one spiked my water.. can’t someone be happy once in a while.

So I was tweeting earlier that I would love for a healthy lunch to just appear on my desk without any effort. And ta-da…

.. I present you with a veggie sub (w.cheese) and baked lays! The lunch God’s where looking out for me today!

I also munched on some very blue popcorn from Coastal Popcorn purchased this weekend. This was cotton candy..

…what a great 3 o’clock snack 🙂 Perhaps it’s the sugar rushing to my head making me so happy at the moment. Who knows?!?

So I’m attempting this weekly challenge idea one more time! Second time is a charm.. right?!?!

Weekly Challenge

Week #3

  • 200 minutes cardio
  • 50 push ups
  • 50 bicycle crunches
  • 25 lunges each leg

I think this is a bit more manageable 🙂 Check out the previous weeks here if your new to the blog. And a very BIG WELCOME.. if you are new to this neighborhood!!

Happy working out.. Happy Monday!