I just love snow. I love the idea of not having to go to the office first thing in the morning. I love how I can hang with Remi for a few more minutes and not run out the door like normal. I love the look of fresh snow.. it covers up all the brown mush! I just need to figure out how to get enough of it again.. so we can STAY HOME  for the ENTIRE day. I have lots of scrap-booking, quilting, ebaying and cooking to catch up on 🙂

Classes re-started  last night. I’m wicked excited for these 2 upcoming classes. One is Color and Design.. hmmm.. I think I should fit in perfectly 🙂 I got to class around 6:45pm.. it starts at 7pm.. and there was one girl sitting there. We chatted for a bit, then it was 7pm and I was like.. where is everyone. Turns out the class has 3 students in it!!! 3 students. I thought my Intro to Graphic Design was small with 9 students.. but 3.. geez. I received a huge list of supplies I need. Very excited to finally go to the art store. We shall see how Computer Drawing goes.. first class is Wednesday.. right when the snow is supposed to start.

Last week I had a Pampered Chef party. I was so excited. It was for a lady that my Mom used to be friends with years ago. This lady basically watched me grow up from distance. Anyway. She has 5 boys. Ages ranging from Junior in College to 11 (I think!). I was looking around the kitchen trying to figure out where to set up all my ‘stuff’.. when I saw this on the wall!

I know you can’t read it.. but above the chalk board is says Daily Specials. I thought this was just GREAT. Talk about being organized. It works great, because all the kids know exactly what’s coming, also, the Mom know what she needs for which night and when. I hope to someday be as organized as this family!  PS- BFD = Breakfast for Dinner. I made reservations for this night.. LOL

Stay warm. Be safe. Have a great day!

It’s Tuesday… KNOCKOUT. DINNER. TBL. Stay tuned 🙂