I thought I just had this driveway cleared. Guess again!

Check out this intense icicle.

I like the snow. It doesn’t bother me anymore, especially when I have no plans except to be at the office. I’ll get there when I can.. wink!

Last night I went to kickboxing, new teacher on Thursday nights.. needless to say.. I almost died! (Hahah.. well not REALLY!) It was quite intense and I still feel it in my shoulders. I could sure use a back rub. Gonna have to start working on this boyfriend thing… side note.. a boyfriend would sure come in handy to help with some shoveling too!

On to dinner. I was hungry and wanted chicken. Strangely odd. I was craving chicken. The plan. Honey mustard Chicken, curry cinnamon butternut squash and potatoes au gratin. The verdict. Everything was good but the potatoes.

Potatoes Ready.

Mixed with almond milk and whatever cheese was in the fridge. (Swiss, mozzarella and parmesan)

All lined up. Chicken with mayo/honey mustard mix. Cinnamon, curry, S&P and olive oil on cubed butternut squash.

Chicken and Butternut Squash. Perfect.

Potatoes. Ediable after another 20 minutes in the oven. (Not so sure the almond milk was the best idea!!)

Lots of ebay listing while the snow melts a bit.

Have a fabulous Friday 🙂

Be safe out there!