Woke up to a nice little fender bender right in front of my house. Lovely huh? Went outside with Remi almost feel on my ass. Lovely huh?

I never have really liked Kathy Lee Gifford, but this morning on Today she said, “Why be in a bad mood about the weather?!?! We have NO control over it what so ever. You choose to live in this part of the county. Deal with it! Don’t be mad, sad, angry! And guess what.. there is more coming Friday!!” Ah lovely. I have to admit I’m getting quite a bit done on my every lasting to do list! Always a positive in the negative 🙂 I’m done being pissed about the weather. PERIOD.

Ok. That’s all I have at the moment.

How are our weekly challenges coming along? Don’t forget your green food!! I’m hoping edamame humus counts. LOL.