The List

1. Taking a shower and getting off the couch was step one.

2. Not cooking and going to a long over due dinner with a friend.

3. Pursuing through Pier One. I forgot how much I LOVE this store. I’ll take one of each please.

This would go perfect in the family room.

My dream. Miss-matched dishes on clearance. (I walked out empty handed… which took some major self control.)

4. Finally getting to Trader Joe’s and picking up some RANDOM stuff. Look for some of this great stuff soon.

5. Getting 5 pairs of underwear at the GAP for $1.49. Yup. $.21-.29 each!

6. Realizing the gym just didn’t happen today and accepting it.

7. Coming home to a happy dog.

8. Accepting the fact that sometimes I will make mistakes. Learning from them. Letting them go & moving on.

9. Realizing sometimes you just need to talk things out with someone.

10. Remembering to SMILE.

Goodnight ALL:)