Just polished off a tub of chips… at least they were veggie chips… sadly.. I still want more.

It’s just one of those days. You know when you wake up, but you rather just go back to bed?!? Yup it’s one of those kind of days when you just want to find a good movie on TV but all you seem to click on is the Best of Cakes, Ace of Cakes or Cake Boss! This makes me REALLY want cake. And there are no birthdays or celebrations involving cake in my near future. Hmm. Guess I’ll have to wait this one out!

Last night, my cousin and I went to a few local bars. After 30 minutes of ‘checking the area out’ I decided I immensely miss my prior residential status. Sigh. At least I can visit!

These cakes are insane!

[Back to writing this post!]

This coffee is my favorite of the moment. Another purchase from Stew Leonard’s. Wish this store was closer to my house.. on second thought.. maybe not.. I would probably be there daily!

Frosty’s Favorite = Leah’s Favorite

After some early morning knockout yesterday I was craving French Toast. I had no other option then to come home and make some! Leah’s version on French Toast.

2 pieces of sprouted bread (yup. I know.. I buy this bread in the freezer organic section. It has to stay in the freezer which works for me. I just take out what I need and toast it up!) I dipped this in an egg mixture of: 1 whole egg, cinnamon, vanilla and I decided to put some coco powder in too! Great choice. Through it Placed it in a pam sprayed pan. Topped with blueberries, bananas, guava nectar and sprinkle of coconut butter. So Yummy!

Then I needed some Brown Sugar Kisses 🙂

Brown Sugar Kisses

  • 3 egg whites
  • 1/2 cup light brown sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Heat oven to 225ºF.  With a mixer, beat the egg whites on high until soft peaks form.

Slowing beat in brown sugar and vanilla. I then used the easy cake decorator from Pampered Chef (but a zip lock bag would work too!) to create meringue drops on a cookie sheet.

Bake for 1 hour 15 minutes. Turn oven off. Open door. Let cool for 1 hour.

These were the easiest cookies to make. I have never created a meringue before. It was really fun to watch what happens when there are egg whites under the beaters!

Each cookie is only 11 calories.. even better news!

Remi was patiently waiting for one to drop. No such luck this time… perhaps next time!

(Boy does this dog need a haircut! Tomorrow is the day!)

Hope all of those with the day off are enjoying it! And those of you who are working.. may 5pm come fast 🙂



PS – Weekly Challenge #2 starts today 🙂

PSS – I still want cake. LOL