Well. I’m starting to really enjoy the feeling of waking up to a fresh blanket of the white stuff, especially when you have no place to go!

Before all the snow talk.. Knockout talk. I lost my gloves for my sunday class. I ended up borrowing the teachers and feel in love with them. They were 12 ounce-ers and they rocked. I kind of search around my house for my gloves, only kind of, because I REALLY wanted new ones. I, unfortunately found them under a pile of clothes. But I figured mine were 7+ months old and smelly. New gloves it was!

I used a coupon from the entertainment book at Dick’s Sporting Goods! So it wasn’t that bad! This class is awesome as it is… but new gloves totally made the class better. A few months ago someone came in and video taped our class. The video is finally up on the web-site. Check it out here. I’m in it a few more times than I wanted to be… but it’s ok.. for whenever I want that extra cookie.. I’ll think of that squishy belly on the web-site!  LOL.

Meals: I finally went grocery shopping last night, before this crazy storm. I actually have peanut butter, honey, apples, bananas and more in the house. I feel like a millionaire 🙂 Last night I made a loaded tuna-fish melt.

I added as much as I could to the tuna-fish…apples and celery, black pepper and a touch of low-fat mayo w/. melted swiss + salad that HAD TO BE EATEN.

I woke up hungry. Loaded Oats.. why not?

Instant organic oats, more apples, tablespoon of Peanut Butter and a tablespoon of ground flax + Egg Nog French Press Coffee = pure heaven! Love eating breakfast on my couch while watching the Today Show. I miss this life and day time TV!

Kind of love ground flax seed at the moment. I sprinkle it on almost everything!

Flax seed has tons of benefits. Long story short: they are full of fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, magnesium, manganese and much more. If you want the long story.. check it out here!

So I have the entire to do NOTHING a huge list of things that I’ve been trying to get done for months now!


Goal for the day: Don’t let it slip by!

It’s important to close porch windows when there is snow coming!

Haha. The tree didn’t make it very far!!

Happy Snow Day!