Isn’t it just a great day in the neighborhood?!?!

I somehow managed to fall asleep last night while watching.. um.. holy crap… I can’t even remember.. I was THAT tired! Anyway.. I was up n’ at them bright and early!

I managed to get out the door with 15 minutes to spare and knew exactly where to go!

I present to you a toffee-NUT skinny latte and a blueberry granola bar! I’ve been saving the bar for my 10 am snack.. it’s almost time! 

Yesterday I was on FB looking around and a IM pops up. It’s my friend Steph. We have been talking about running another 5K every single time I see her. It’s one of those mental things to have a goal in mind. When I have something to work towards, running and workouts seem so much easier. Anyway, within an hour or so I was signed up and ready to go. So. Now begins training for a 5K. I know I have run a 5K before, but my goal this time is to beat my PR! Hmm… this might be a tricky one! Thanks Steph.. for that little push I needed. Anyone else in the area need a 5K for motivation.. check it out!

How is everyone doing with their challenges? (Read here if you have not a clue of what I’m talking about!) After reading through them yesterday.. I realized it might be more than I thought! My goal is to get through as much as I can and then rethink for next week!

I hope everyone is having an AMAZING DAY! Don’t forget to SMILE.