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I couldn’t help but share this with all of you!


So. The next time your walking through the isles at your local grocery store.. think of this awesome flowchart!


So the rest of the weekend went a little like this…

and more of this…

It was a great weekend getting ‘snowed in’.

Clean out the spice cabinet! With a pretty neat organized sheet.. so I now know what I have!

Attempted to feng shui my office area! I need to do a lot more research in this area. I’m just so sick of all the clutter. Sometimes it’s hard to think when there is so much stuff around. I also went through my book shelve and cleaned out.

Made a quick easy dinner. Liz was over too.. It’s so much more fun cooking for 2 then 1.  Pork loin, whole wheat stuffing, veggies and applesauce. So simple.. yet yummy!

Happy Monday!

Well. It’s Day 1 of Week 1 in 1/11! Ahhh. I’m a very goal oriented person. Therefore, I’m setting a new goal. I’m in a wedding of a very dear friend at the end of April. My new goal is to be 30 pounds lighter. Now I have never made a # goal before… and typically it’s more about how my clothes feel etc. But I think I need this right now. I need something to hold me accountable for what I’m putting in my mouth and how I’m working out! This goal leaves me with about 16 weeks.. which is about 1.875 pounds a week. Totally doable! Nothing out of this world. Something I can grasp onto and roll with it! So with today being Day 1 of the Weekly Challenges, I’m weighing myself and go from there 🙂

I almost forgot! Get your butt over to this page and join us!

Today is your day! Go get it!

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