I have great news! Last nights kickboxing class was successful. I think I have turn the corner, fluffed the pillows, rounded the bend.. however the saying goes… with my attitude towards the gym. It was a close call… and I was hoping I didn’t lose it for good.

I realized that not every single workout may be amazing. Some make just suck.. plain and simple. Some may be great. And some may be just OK.

My friends and I have been talking about starting something to keep ourselves on track! What is better then weekly challenges?!?! Yesterday afternoon my co-worker/life long friend  and I decided that we needed to start somewhere, so we put together week 1.  I will post them here every week. My goal is to post the challenges a few days in advance so you know how to plan your week, etc. I will be looking for imput on the different components for each week. I hope to start a little group coming to this page and keeping up to date! I haven’t set an end date, and maybe in the comments we can come up with some sort of reward at the end. In this moment.. I have no idea!

 This is just a foundation block and I plan on building a castle!

Week 1 doesn’t start till Monday January 10th! Plenty of time to prep for the week.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

 – John Wooden  (Although I know I have heard or read Jillian say this too!

As for eats these past few days.. it’s been boring leftovers! I’m looking forward to making a nice yummy home cooked dinner tonight!