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I’m in big trouble. Well not really 🙂 I went to the gym last night for my knockout class and almost hated every minute of it and it used to be my favorite class. It’s so hard to imagine that you could lose everything you have worked for in such a short amount of time. I honestly was working my ass off up until Dec 22. Then it was down hill from there. At the hotel, were we stay for 7 LONG days, there was unlimited hot coffee 24 hours a day.. and clearly not enough H2O..

.. the gym sucked. PERIOD.. but occasionally was used.. in between the 3 course meals..

.. and there was countless amounts of food. Including a trip to Alpine Steak house in Sarasota, FL for a piece of their famous TurDucKen!

.. and then New Years came! I leave you with this photo. We all know how you receive one of these!

.. O… and a bit of ringing in the New Year with this gang!

.. Which has left me feeling like this!

So. With all of the festivities in the past 2 weeks. I attempted the gym. I had been looking forward to my knockout class the day I left the last class… and sadly, I was disappointed!

I’m not entirely sure how to get back on the ban wagon! It’s Wednesday of the 1st week of the year. The gym is packed like a meat market at the moment. I can only hope to keep going, mixing up the workouts and hope to feel like I did 2 weeks ago!

‘You will stumble into the path that will lead your life to happiness.‘ I realized these fortunes are probably mass-produced and thousands of people receive  the same words…  but I’m pretending this was printed for me.. and only me!

Cheers to Wednesday! Only 2 days till the weekend 🙂

(and yes.. I WILL be going to kickboxing tonight. Hopefully with a better status on the gym tomorrow!)

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