I can’t believe people are still reading this blog. Thank You!

Happy New Year!

Did you make your resolution list yet? Every January 1st, I sit down and create a list. Now I know a few weeks ago I said I wasn’t going to make a ‘resolution list’ but more of a ‘bucket list’… but it didn’t really work out that way! This is the list I created on 1/1/11 🙂

Yes. It’s on a pizza box. I actually still have the box. I’m thinking of hanging on to it for a bit. There are some cut and dry resolutions on there… however.. there are also some that should be a lifetime requirement. Smile. Live life more simply. Eat better, lose weight and get fit. These are things that I want not only in the short-term, but forever. Now debt.. that’s a different story!

So yesterday was the 1st day back to work since Dec 22nd. I was sitting at my desk attempting to work. However, there was much more on the brain then that! Like what time does zumba start? How the hell am I going to clean my room? The pile of work keeps getting bigger! I better call the vet! And go to the bank, and switch the ink that I bought months ago in the wrong size (ink doesn’t come in sizes… but you get what I mean!). Then. A lightbulb went off. Not once did I smile yesterday morning. I was not PLEASED to be back at work. And my life was more in array then not… not a good way to live life more simply! I counted down from 10 and took one step at a time. I was also on edge due to the fact that I cut sugar out. Yes people. It’s detox time. There was WAY too much indulging the past 2 weeks. So much in fact, I was worried the button on my pants might fly out and hit someone in the eye! We were chatting about this at lunch… a healthy lunch of black bean salsa, broccoli and a veggie pasta dish! After my afternoon errands I came back and there was a yahoo print out on my desk.

5 Healthy Ways to Post-Holiday Detox

  1. Break the sugar and salt habit. – This is easier said then done. I have tried and so far so good. No cravings at all! Does put me on edge a bit.
  2. Load up on veggies. – Working on this. Eating veggies was a lot easier in the summer. But once I hit the grocery store.. I’m thinking of stock piling some frozen stuff. That way there are also some veggies in the house.
  3. Start off easy at the gym. – This happened by mistake. Went to zumba last night with a different teacher! It was ok! Nothing crazy though!
  4. Make water your new BFF.  – The H2O bottle is nicely filled on my desk, patiently waiting to be emptied!
  5. Ignore the scale for a few days! – The last time I was on a scale was months ago! This one was easy as pie!

If you want to read the real post go here! I think you should :0)

Well folks.. it’s Tuesday… and we all know what that means! KnockOut at the gym…. I can’t wait…. I don’t think I have ever been this excited for a fitness class. I am fully aware that I might not to be able to walk tomorrow! AND it’s the premiere of THE BIGGEST LOSER! Yay!

I hope you all have a fabulous day… Did you smile today?