It’s Sunday morning and Christmas is over! I’m just sitting here thinking about the past few days! I’m currently in FL visiting my Mom’s aunt and cousin! We haven’t seem my Aunt since I was 5 and I don’t ever remember meeting my 2nd cousin.. although there has been talk she was at my christening! Anyway, sometimes I think that it would be great if there were kids in the family and more people my age. But then I think the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.. and family is family. You can’t change them and you must love them! And love them I do! My Aunt turned 88 this year. That would make her birthday date May ?, 1922. 1922…. that seems like a lifetime ago… and a lifetime ago it is! Her name is June. And she is one of the most fascinating people I have come across! She has taught elementary school for over 35 years, has written a book, has lived in Colombia, has lived through 5 wars and 14 presidents, and continues to lead a healthy full life filled with many friends and family (her Christmas card stack is quadruple mine)! June is truly an amazing women! A women who comes with lots of collections! As we were sitting there eating baked cod on Christmas Eve, I couldn’t help but notice the napkin rings. Mine was a beautiful oval sterling sliver napkin ring with the initials J.F. I just assumed the other 6 matched and they must have been a gift to her at some point.. as those where her initials. I mentioned how fun they were which lead into a 30 minutes lesson in napkin rings. See.. Aunt June collects them! She has silver napkin rings from around the world with many different initials engraved on them. Whenever she was at a tag sale, or flea market and saw one she would pick it up regardless on the initials. After many years of always being on the go… her collection is outstanding!

This silver ring was from December 25, 1882. That would make it 128 years old!


Aunt June also collects butter pads. I have NO IDEA what a butter pad was.  A butter pad is simply a very small dish that is placed at each place setting with a few pads of butter! The following was only a sampling of her amazing collection! (the phone is only there for comparison in size)

The pad on the right, Aunt June picked up for $5 at some tag sale, and it is now worth over $100!

Oh. And how do you cut the butter so nicely and uniform you ask?!?! With a butter slicer of course! I am now on a hunt to find one of my own!

I think I may start a collection of my own!

Wherever you are today and whom ever you are with… have a blessed and happy time!

Do you have any collections?