1st of all… THANK YOU to those who keep clicking on the site hoping there is a new post! Today is the day! The seconds, minutes and hours just slip by so quickly this time of year! So Thank You 🙂

So the last time I check my calendar is was around November 22nd. I checked today and it’s already December 8th! (And again checked my calendar today and it’s the 10th! and today it reads Dec 13th!) That means Christmas is right around the corner. Days are running out for ordering things online. Luckily all of my online orders are DONE. Including the 3rd annual Calendar. Which I’m wayyyy to excited about! So when can you start handing out presents?!?!?!

So the other night I was faced with a problem. I had a butternut squash hanging around the kitchen. This said butternut squash has been in my house way to long. It still looked and smell pretty healthy so it was time to cook him up! (EEk. That sounds bad!) Anyway, what do with a butternut squash?!?!? Well I had a can of coconut milk. Hmmm? And a few carrots, an onion and curry powder.. what else to make then….

Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup

  • butternut squash – halved and seeded
  • one can coconut soup
  • onion – chopped
  • garlic – chopped
  • S&P
  • coconut milk

Bake Squash until soft.

Meanwhile, saute onion and garlic in a bit of olive oil!

Boil carrots until soft! I blended the carrots with 2 cups water. Can add more water for a more liquid soup!

When the onions are nicely brown add in soft squash, blended carrots and coconut milk! Add in curry and S&P to taste!

Let cook for a while! Then in batches blend.

After reviewing this recipe, I think you could probably add the soft carrots and water to the batch and blend it ALL only once! Hmmmm… might need to test this out 🙂

Return to pot for another few minutes!

And then enjoy!

This was an unplanned meal then turned out great! Look around you kitchen.. see what you have and go to town 🙂