Ahhh. Tuesday. I always welcome you with open hands! Knockout, TBL and a yummy dinner (which hasn’t been determined yet) ūüôā

Take Charge Tuesday –

Make a list of everything keeping u from being your happiest. Commit to actively address each item in upcoming months. (Devin Alexander’s FB Status)

Perhaps this is something that I should be posting… oh say… around January 1st! But now seems like a great time too!

I’m attempting to jump-start the resolutions a few months early this year! In fact, why call them resolutions? It’s more like things to change forever! Bits and pieces of my life, that I want to do differently. Either, I know they should be done differently or I want to TRY something different!

I never really understood the whole New Years Resolution List?!?! Yet for the past¬†4 years straight, I have sat on the morning of January 1st with my pad and pen, slightly¬†really ¬†hungover, and I have made a list! A list from 1 to 10 with all the things I was going to change or try differently in my life! You know what? At the end of the year, I was able to cross off maybe half. It’s not like I didn’t try! But let’s face it, finding prince charming really isn’t in my power of things to do.. is it?!?! So with all of that being said, this year I will be updating, correcting and adding to my Bucket List. I have always been a list kind of girl. But I’m ditching the NYR List and going with the Bucket List this year!!

Are you planning a list in your near future?

Have a fabulous day!