Well. Kind of! It was a Newport Weekend (my old Home Sweet Home) … Lots of friends and yummy food with plenty of adult beverages 🙂

(Side note: I bumped into a few people  this weekend who said.. “Oh my, I love your blog!”. I just want to say Thank You. I write this and put up these pictures and sometimes think no one is reading it! I like to think I do this for myself, like a virtual journal of some sort, but I also like to think it MIGHT be helping someone else. I know I haven’t been very informative lately! And I have probably been posting way to many desserts… but I’m very happy that this gets read! Thank you to my readers!)

Now on to the birthday celebration! One of the reasons for going to NPT this weekend was to celebrate birthdays! There are many in November! Heather, Liz and I are all within a week.. so we had some celebrating to do!

Cupcake wine, Wedding Candle and a hand-knit pumpkin! From the pumpkin patch!

We headed up to the last Farmer’s Market of the year! Yummy cranberries…

the best granola ever…

and the BIGGEST sweet potato I have EVER seen!

(compared to the phone… seriously biggest potato ever!)

Mid-day starbucks latte and cranberry bliss bar! This bar is sure blissful! Did you know if you sign up on starbucks.com they send you a free drink card for your b-day? Best piece of mail yet!

and then it was time for dinner!

Scales and Shells was the place to be! Scales and Shells is a seafood restuarent located right downtown. The food is amazing, the atmosphere was nice and cozy and the place was packed. (Always a great sign!) We started off with some celebratory drinks! White Cosmos and a glass of white!

One of our friends aunt is the head cook at Scales so we didn’t really order anything… everything just kind of got sent over! It was crazy fun! Cod Cakes, fried calarmi, shrimp cocktail and sicilian little necks! Holy moley.. it was good!

and dessert! Tiramisu and  some sort of chocolate ice cream dish…also non-pictured creme brullee!

All of scales food is so fresh they just write the menu on a blackboard… it’s a always changing:)

I just love this black board concept! I’ve seen entire walls painted with blackboard paint! I think it’s such a great idea! Someday when I own a house.. .I will have a black board wall!

Heather, JoNelle, Liz and Me!

Finally found a Harvest Moon. I waited to long to purchase some on my own! Next best place to look.. my friends fridge!!! Thanks Boys!

Hungry Monkey time! Where else do you go after a night of drinking?

2 eggs, bacon, potatoes, rye toast and lot of liquid!

More of my crazy wrapping! I swear this is the year for some unique gift wrapping ideas… I can’t stand spending $ on things that are just thrown away in the end!

The comics, a few pages from the sports section and a plastic bag bow to top it off! It worked wonders and the birthday boys loved it!

The kiddos on Cliff Walk!

Thank you to everyone who made this weekend so special!