Let me introduce you to my new friend Bruno!

Freakin’ cutest dog ever! Well right behind Remi that is!! LOL

Bruno’s mom is Melissa. Melissa’s and her sister Jessica hosted a PCP on friday night! I was roommates with Jessica’s other sister Sandra during my college years! (PS – Bruno is not part of the title of this post! But I had to include him!)

Saturday we did the annual Christmas fair/Cemetery run in Stamford. Every year we bring the ‘green’s to the cemetery for those who have passed away in the family…my grandmother, grandfather, great-grandmother and great-grandfather.. all on my Mother’s side! It kind of makes me sad… but I’m glad that no one is in pain and all lived a healthy long life! Side note: My grandmother (aka Nonnie) would have been 83 today! RIP. We love you!

We also stopped at a dinner to visit with my Aunt! Ten months ago I NEVER would have posted the picture below!

Haha. It was a BBQ combo plate! I kept the peas naked and only ate about 1/2 of the plate! Crazy amounts of food! I forgot how good meat was.. especially ribs! My original non-meat wave started after viewing Food, Inc. I still think that too much meat is a bad thing.. however… it’s here for a purpose I guess.. right?  I still have mixed thoughts on the whole meat vs. non-meat debate! And at this time.. I’m not sure where I stand!

Sunday morning was the land of the junk! One persons junk is another persons treasure! I can’t stress this enough and after heading to the flea market, I’m truly a believer! I went the flea market with one thing on my mind… a coat rack! I did the google search and found a few.. but they were all so expensive! Once my eyes landed on this baby.. it was a dream come true..LOL

This works PERFECT in my house! And it was only $20! How great! Also picked up this number!

This is a 100% wool hand-knit sweater! The plan is to felt the above sweater and turn it into a bag! Let’s see how many years it take me to complete this project!

Glass bottles… could have bought this WHOLE table!

The dancing spoon and fork… would go great at your next dinner party!

or how about a rooster!??!

a scarf?

It was a great morning walking around amongst all the treasures (aka junk to some)!

I then went to my parents and dealt with some ‘old’ stuff of my own!

My old high school uniform!

and my bowling ball! I loved this ball. Purple and everything!

Jeans my mother had to place a patch on due to the fact of wearing them everyday!

and a Map! I mapped out all the colleges I wanted to visit on this bad boy! Who does that these days?!?! It’s crazy to think how much things have changed it such a short amount of time! Do kids these days even know what a map is and how to use it for navigation? I’m sure they all know what a GPS is!

I cleaned out my entire high school life and donated it all to Goodwill!

Mom made dinner!  Salad and Breadsticks from pizza dough.. baked on a stone to perfection!

and home-made sauce with meatballs! Yum!

and glass of Maritime Red from Truro Vineyards on the Cape!

One of the best parts about this weekend was finding a pair of PJ’s that I received for a Christmas present maybe in the year 1999.. give or take a year or two! See.. I was never able to fit into these PJ’s. I wanted too! They were so warm and fuzzy! Each year I would take them out and try them on! And each year they would be put back into the winter bin, cause I just couldn’t get the damn pants up! Well ladies and gentlemen.. I present you with my all time favorite PJ’s of the century!

and they fit! The feeling was overwhelming and made me realize just have far I have come from those cold winters about 11 years ago when I had no idea what a calorie was! No idea about calories in and calories out! No idea that if I watched what I ate.. I might have been able to fit into these PJ’s then!

I’m on the path, journey, road.. (whatever you may call it)… and there is NO going back to the year 1999 for this chick!

Happy Monday People 🙂