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After an amazing tour of the Mosaic Gardens in South Philly we head over to Termini Brothers. Termini’s is this outrageous Pastry shop in South Philadelphia. They had mini chocolate mousse, carrot cakes, peanut butter bars, fresh filled cannoli’s.. the list goes on and on!


My favorite purchase here was  a piece of Torrone. Torrone is an Italian nougat filled with almonds and pistachio nuts.  Termini’s hand-makes this Italian nougat candy from an original family recipe that dates back to the early 1900’s. “When we say original family recipe, we mean just that. Not only do we still make our torrone by hand, we still use the special bowls and pans that our grandfather used just for this purpose. This stuff was to die for!! and they ship 🙂

It was then  Philly Cheese Steak Time! Geno’s VS. Pat’s

Geno’s Won this time! But we will be back for round #2 very soon!


Can’t visit Philly and not a pretzel! I learn that  everyday students in school have the opportunity to get a pretzel! I want to live in Philly.. pretzels everyday sounds great to me!


Jo dipping a pretzel in cheese whizz. I have never had more cheese whizz in my entire life. LOL

One last stop to make! Nifty Fifty’s! This place says 50’s all over it!

100’s of different soda pop flavors to choose from!

and many different milkshake options to pick from! Below is a pumpkin pie shake and crab fries! (Fries with old bay seasonings on them!)

 At this point we were all SOOO full, but we had to go for the experience! It was fun to sit and color these hats!

And give ourselves tattoos! Yup.. we haven’t grown up quite yet.. but it’s all good!


Sr. Mary Anthony  is a 6th grade teacher in Philadelphia. Her convent is located within steps of her school, so we got to walk the halls and look around! Once I stepped foot in her classroom I had this awesome feeling! The Cube VS Classroom battle began again in my head! I know I’m truly suppose to be in the classroom, and someday, hopefully someday soon when I’m 100% ready…  I’ll be in one!



No matter what area in my life I’m dealing with at the moment I’m going to keep this saying in my head!

Have a wonderful day!

Excited for a crock-pot creation today.. stayed tuned 🙂 I promise back to healthy recipes!! LOL

Oh.. and I somehow ended up in Rockefeller Center while attempting to bring Jo Anne home!

Go figure… I NEVER know where I’m going to end up!  🙂