What a crappy rainy day today! Yuck. I was wishing for some sun all day. Here’s to hoping the sun makes an appearance this weekend.

I’ve been feeling really guilty lately leaving Remi behind all the time. Sometimes he is home alone for 10 hours straight. I try to come home and hang  with  him during lunch, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen 😦  I went to work this morning and I had the hardest time leaving him! I came back for lunch and decided I was going to attempt to smuggle him into my office building. (We rent our office space, and when renting there are all those laws you are supposed to abide by.) The boss was away today, and it was a kind of slow so I thought why not have a bit of Remi action?!?!

Welcome Remi! Yeah I know.. I know.. but he truly likes his shirts. They keep him nice and warm in the winter 🙂


When frist arriving on the scene his made his rounds to visit everyone. Then he nestled into himself into him make-shift bed…. and he was toast until the 5 o’clock bell.

Mine while his human counterparts where getting into some serious trouble with these bad boys!


Brought to you all the way from sunny Miami FL. I liked them. Others thought they tasted like stale almond joy.. go figure!


On to the wrapping business. Like it or not Christmas is right around the corner, almost ready to knock down the doors! I was visiting a friend last night and she is almost done with her shopping! They makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Needless to say, I think I  have 1 present purchased so far! Haha. I still have time! Right?

Well I was looking for wrapping paper to put together a quick gift for a friend tomorrow! And guess what? NO WRAPPING PAPER ANYWHERE. However, there is no storage of fabric and ribbon in this household!

Cute, right? Think of all the ways you could wrap Christmas presents!! This year I deem it the fabric and ribbon wrapping year. I have also come across people wrapping presents in (new) dishcloths, t-shirts, pillow cases, blankets, placements, fabric napkins.. the list goes on and on! It’s a great way to live a little ‘green’. No need to toss the wrapping paper, and the receiver gets more than one gift! It’s a win win in my book! Ready. Set. Wrap.