I really need to work on some fancy schmancy titles for my posts. Although sometimes I like it plain and simple!

We are right in the middle of birthday season. Next up is my brother TODAY, then my father on Friday. We did a bit of celebrating at the office yesterday. Nothing tops celebrating birthdays then a nice big piece of red velvet cake.

Welcome back to reality! On the ship there was nothing but healthy stuff. Jillian even paid something like $9,000 to have all the soda removed from the ship! Coming back is a bit tricky. Makes you have to REALLY think about what your about to shove in your face! It’ ok though… this cake was TOTALLY worth it!

Jillian Part 2

I’ve been going back and forth on how to compartmentalize this adventure. I’m fairly new to this whole blog thing. I want to make sure I get all info out there, but I don’t want to have a 50,000 word post. So with that said, this is my best shot!


Welcome to Miami! It was hot and humid. But I was really excited to meet my cabin mate for the next  days. We found each other on the message boards back in May. We talked a lot on Facebook and through e-mails… but I was so exited to meet her in person!

Met Jess from Seattle Washington!  We hung out for a while, we were able to catch up and talk which was awesome. We were staying South Beach, at this crazy little eco-friendly hotel. It was the cutest place!

We then ventured out and found some dinner!! There were sooo many places to eat! We ended up at Sea Cafe! I had a salad. BORING. If I knew I was going to be eating salad for the next  days of my life I would have gotten something else. Haha. Just kidding. It was actually quite delightful! Lettuce with pears, tomatoes and goat cheese! Yummy!

After dinner went found Dash. The Kardashians store in Miami. It was exactly what I thought it was going to be… over priced skinny clothes! $485 for a skimpy dress.. I think I’ll pass!

We then headed downtown to meet up with other crusiers. It was so fun to finally meet so many of them. We hung out for a while. No photos though 😦 Jess and I then walked around the port for while. Stocked up on chocolate.. we knew there would be done except in the form of a protein shake on the ship!

and had to get my fortune! Remind you of a movie at all?!?!? I was thinking, maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and be Jillian Michaels! LOL. Remember in BIG… he wanted to be a grown up.. ?!?!!?

Headed back to the hotel and passed out!

Day 1 on the Ship!

Woke up bright and early Thursday morning. This was the day I had waiting for since May. It was finally here. Went for a 2.5 mile run along South Beach. I just had too! It was so beautiful!

Ahhh it was then Jillian time! We headed to the ship. What an amazing sight!

I often thought… how is this entire ship devoted to Jillian?!?!? She as soo many fans it was insane! It was great to see so many people excited to eat healthy and workout! We waited in a bunch a lines. It was crazy. We weren’t sure if we were going to get to meet Jillian or what?!?! But finally we realized we were in line to take a one-on-one photo with Jillian herself. I was a little nervous.. not gonna lie! I got closer and closer and boom.. Jillian was right there holding my shoulder and smiling. I told her my name, she said “Hi Leah”. And that was that! It’s crazy how you can picture something for so long and then within a matter of seconds it’s over! When the photos were ready, I had to look back and see what exactly happened! I have the biggest cheesiest smile ever. But it’s all good!

Deck Wars. The ship was divided into 4 color groups! We were on the green team! Unfortunately we lost, but it was till a lot of fun!

Jillian came out and introduced all the trainers, and her entire entourage to us! It was pretty fantastic!

After the ‘opening act’ we bummed into the Alvarez family. They were on Losing it with Jillian. We chatted for a bit. They were such wonderful people, open to answering all my crazy questions.. like.. What was Jillian REALLY like at your house? LOL. All 4 of them have come such a long way. I completely fell in love with little David! I saw him randomly everyday for the rest of the trip. When he saw me.. he would run up and give me a big hug! Aww I miss him!

Buh bye Miami..

Hello wonderful blue sea!

The rest of the day was getting to know people and our surroundings. It was fun exploring the ship and finding different things here and there. Like the gym, pools, waterside and the BAR! Which was depleted from everything except hard liquor and light beers.. go Jillian!

Day 2

Rise and shine! We went to the private island of Great Stirrup Cay. It was beautiful! My new friend Sarah and I decided this was a perfect time to cross something off the bucket list… parasailing!


It was so pretty. Could have stay right there.. in that same spot.. for the rest of the trip.. and would have been in heaven 🙂

It rained Friday evening. Due to the rain my workout with Jenkins get cancelled. But we were left with this awesome rainbow in the middle of the ocean:)

There were a bunch of different restaurants to try on the boat in addition to the buffet. Jillian and her team changed EVERY SINGLE  restaurant menu. Most of the dishes were pulled right from her new cookout. The food was good. Not amazing, but good. I think cooking in such quality kind of messed things up. Healthy food needs to be cooked then eaten with no sitting around time.

I was surprised to see a bread basket.. and then upon more detailed inspection.. we came to the conclusion there was NO BUTTER.


Went went to Jillian’s Talk. AMAZING. I will go into further detail in another post!

and yes.. that is a tequila shot in Jillian’s hand!

I realize I’m not really giving up much educational value in this post. I promise there is more to come! Wish the 9-5 didn’t get in the way! Days 3 and 4.. coming soon!

PS – I’m STILL swaying! LOL.