Hi Guys. I’m back from my amazing trip down south to ‘hang’ out with Jillian Michaels for a few days aboard the Norwegian Star. I’m sitting at my desk and I’m still swaying.. I’ve got some strange looks this morning, I think people thought I hit the bottle a little earlier today. It is definitely the drunken swaying feeling! Anyway, my trip was amazing. I met some awesome people who I hope to keep in touch with, worked out with Jillian and Jeanette Jenkins, rubbed elbows with Steve Lee and Marco Borges, chatted with the Alvarez family from Losing It with Jillian, and took in every word Jillian spoke! She is an amazing person from the inside out and it’s not 100% about fitness. She has the personality to just sit on the couch and talk the night away. She is open and honest about her life and where she has come from. She gives that underlying feeling that you can go out and conquer the world. The one thing I learned the most was, Jillian doesn’t change you! People kept saying, “Thank You, Thank You for changing my life”. And she kept repeating, it wasn’t me doing all the work, it was you! Yes it is very easy to put someone like her on a pedestal and honor and worship her. Which some do and I did at times during this trip too!. But then I realized Jillian is just a human, just like you and me. Yes, she has knowledge which many don’t have quite yet, and yes she is america’s toughest trainer,  and yes people look up to her. But at the end of the day, she is just human. She hangs out with family and friends, she has to go to work, she doesn’t know ALL the answers (but will point you in the right direction), she brushes her teeth, she does tequila shots.. and most importantly she is one of the most down to earth people I know!

The past few days have been a real eye opener for me. They have taught me many things I never knew, some of which I’m glad to have learned and others which I would have been fine without learning 🙂 There is so much to tell so slowing I’ll be posting a little each day. Well.. at least that is the plan. As for now, I need to figure out how to make the floor stop  MOVING!!

LOVE this lady!

(Seriously the swaying HAS GOT TO STOP! I’ll be back soon!)