The adventure starts in 6 hours. Oh my. I thought I was good to go on this little Jillian Michaels adventure until I entered knockout tonight and we did boot camp instead. Oh my. I really hope I can keep up with these people. Not sure I’m ready for Jillian yelling during the workouts. Only time will tell. And tell I will be sure to do!

We needed so much for the next 6 days… Halloween costumes, 80’s workout gear, a green wardrobe.. who knew?

What do we think?

Yup.. that is my attempt. This outfit also contains some rockin hot pink tennis shoes. Haha!

All my outfits are packed, Remi is taken care of, work is done till Tuesday, homework is complete (kind of).. this could only mean one thing..


I will post as often as I can!  Be prepared for some major action once I return :0) See ya!