So. About a month ago, a lovely young lad thought we would be the perfect office to host one of his very put together snack boxes!

(Side-note: There are only 5 full-timers and 4 part-timers. Yeah… very small office!)

Now.. you see.. this box is conveniently placed on top of the microwave. Probably not the best place, although no one has complained of melt chocolate yet, but furthermore, when I’m popping my ‘healthy’ lunch into the white electronic box, I’m tempted by all the wonderful looking packaging of these most luxurious snacks. (Everything seems so much more luxurious when it is out my reach.. or shouldn’t be had!)

So I’ve decided to fight back. I armed the other side of the kitchen with my new loves! The most perfect line up of the best fruit out there! (Well.. the best fruit Stop & Shop had to offer at the time!)

And plenty of this to curb the 3 o’clock dreaded hunger time!

SO luxurious snack box.. BRING. IT. ON. Because my most amazing fruit and H2O will win this one!

The packing for my BIG fitness adventure continues. Who knew I would need a Halloween costume, 80’s outfit, green wardrobe, plus the normal stuff! There is a lot of stuff to fit in one suitcase! Hope they over look the 50 pound rule … LOL. Photos coming soon :0)