It’s all about how much caffeine I can get into my blood stream and how quickly this can be done! I know…. it probably isn’t the healthiest way to life.. but crazy times call for crazy measures!

Normally I’m a Starbucks girl!

Sometimes I’m a DD girl!

When in RI I’m a Ma’s Girl!

and I’m always up for an espresso!


When the mood calls.. an espresso martini works too!

However. I’m longing for a big o’cup of coffee from this baby!

I was addicted to this stuff ALL weekend long! And I’m missing it BIG TIME! It’s sooo good and strong. Instant caffeine jolt!

(PS- Check out the counter top… it’s made from recycled money.. pretty cool huh??)

I’m doing my research… and will be making a purchase very soon:)

As for now.. the office coffee well have to do 😦

What kind of coffee do you prefer?