Holy Moley! (Is that even a word?!?!)

We started driving this morning at 6am. We landed at our destination at 9am.

Remi wanted out the whole time. That was not a fun ride 😦

I’m now sitting at my desk. I haven’t been at my desk since last Tuesday. Imagine that. A whole week away! I kind of forgot what to do. Well I didn’t really forget, but I still have images of beaches, corn mazes and Ocean Breeze coffee and muffins on the brain!

Time to get to work.

BUT.. before that happens I started another list!

  1. Passport
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Bathing Suits (fancy and fitness)
  5. Evening Gown.. eek. Where is this going to come from?!?
  6. 80s Outfit
  7. Halloween Costume.. Haven’t a clue yet?
  8. Camera.. small digital, big digital and waterproof
  9. Shorts, tanks, sundresses, etc.
  10. Workout Clothes.. X’s 5
  11. Workout shoes.. at least 2 pairs
  12. Shampoo, Conditioner, Makeup, etc.
  13. Heart Rate monitor
  14. Hat
  15. Beach bag/Backpack
  16. A light jacket or sweater in case it’s breezy
  17. A big smile!

I’m gonna need this list and better start packing now. Because in 8 days. Yes only 8 days, I will be meeting Jillian Michaels aboard the Norwegian Star Cruise Ship on our way to the Bahamas and Great Stirrup Cay! She is hosting the Ultimate Wellness Cruise. I found the link a few months ago. Decided I just had to go! Could not find anyone to go with for the life of me! I turned to the message boards and found a girl in a similar position as I was, living in Seattle Washington. A few minutes on the phone and it was a done deal! Now I just have a lot of unpacking and repacking to do!

But 1st… back to the cubical…

Let the day begin 🙂